Muse returns with a fun, funky tune.

It’s been a few years since Muse has properly let their hair down. You’d have to go back to 2013 with “Panic Station” to find a song of theirs that sounds carefree. Like that song, new single “Pressure” glides along on a high-pitched guitar riff and a generous helping of backing horns. But it’s got a stronger, deeper groove with some pounding drums.

The track really takes off in the chorus, where Matt Bellamy sings “Don’t push me,” as the falsetto backing vocals ascend. It’s one of those tracks that’s made for jumping and singing along. Expect this one to be an arena-pleaser! (The music video’s great as well.)

“Pressure” can be found on Muse’s upcoming album, Simulation Theory, out on Nov. 9.