It’s a showdown at Garfield High School, and things don’t go so well for Black Lightning as he faces a returning Tobias Whale and his surprising back-up.

Previously, on BLACK LIGHTNING

As the first season heads to its finale next week – with a second season already guaranteed by the network – the CW Storm Team puts its focus towards taking down Martin Proctor and the ASA and saving all the kids the agency has captured over the years. But a couple of returns to Freeland throw a monkey wrench into their plans.

The most surprising is former track star Khalil, who was paralyzed after being shot during a protest march earlier this season. After being told he would never walk again, Proctor sent him out to California and, using an experimental procedure, gave him back the ability to walk. The catch, of course, is that he has to help Proctor and the ASA capture Black Lightning. After Khalil has some bad encounters with both Jefferson Pierce and his daughter Jennifer, Khalil follows orders and draws Black Lightning out by causing some chaos at Garfield High School.

He’s joined, of course, by Tobias Whale, who has also returned after recovering from some injuries. While Whale was the reason Khalil was paralyzed, Whale was put down for a while by a blast from Black Lightning. Whale is trying to establish himself as the king of Freeland, taking over for the dead Lady Eve. But that means following Proctor’s orders as well.

Of course Black Lightning and Thunder take the bait when Khalil starts tossing teachers and students around at the high school. While Thunder battles Whale’s right-hand lady, whose name is apparently Syonide, Black Lightning and Khalil face off. When Whale joins in, the one-two combo puts Black Lightning in jeopardy, and a heart punch from Khalil kills him. Momentarily. Thunder runs Whale, Khalil and Syonide off, and Jennifer uses her powers to revive her dad. The Pierce family and Gambi go off to a safehouse to get Jefferson back on his feet while Proctor plans his next step.

BLACK LIGHTNING has been on a roll the last few weeks, with a string of great episodes as it heads into next week’s first season finale. With Jefferson Pierce on the mend and the ASA trying to snatch Thunder, the final episode of the season should be pretty explosive. I’m betting we see Jennifer get in on the action, too.