It’s another home run by the prolific guitarist.

Although Johnny Marr has been part of the music scene forever, it’s still kind of crazy to think that his solo career only started five years ago. After taking a couple of years for collaborations, the former Smiths guitarist returns with a synth-and-guitar rocker, “The Tracers.” This single signals the forthcoming release of his third solo record. And it’s another excellent piece of music in a lifetime full of them.

The song races through a sharp and sly guitar melody, a repeating shout and a wavy synth. These elements form the core that Marr navigates his low-riding vocals around. He sounds relaxed and controlled, letting the wilder elements come out through his instrumentation. There’s almost no one better who can sound so focused but also let the chaos in a bit. Whether or not you are a fan of The Smiths, The The, Electronic or any of the other groups he’s worked with, this track is hard to resist.

“The Tracers” is on Call The Comet, due out on June 15.