This is one of the smoothest songs you’ll hear all year…and it’s only March!

Sure, that statement may seem like a big declaration to make only three months into 2018. But one listen of “Short Court Style” by Natalie Prass is all it will take to agree. This is a sleek piece of retro funk that would have been a megahit in the mid-1970s. The interplay between the bass and guitar is fantastic, the two melodies weaving around each other beautifully. Throw in some jangly piano keys and you’ve got an infectious, head-bopping rhythm.

Prass’ vocals are bright and airy, especially when the music drops back for her to let out a wordless “ahhh.” It’s an alluring performance that will put a smile on your face and get your feet grooving.

“Short Court Style” is the first single off Prass’ sophomore album, The Future And The Past, out on June 1.