Kitten’s latest single is a frantic, shiny piece of retro-pop.

The Los Angeles band brings back the 80s inflection point where rock met synth pop. Its New Wave vibe is bolstered by a driving drumbeat, sharp guitar work and a warped synth line that sounds like the distorted bark of a small dog. As is the case on nearly all of Kitten’s songs, Chloe Chaidez brings a powerful throwback vocal performance, getting across an energetic optimism with a touch of melancholy. She glides and skips wonderfully over the music, while adding a sense of longing in her delivery.

“The song is both regretful and empowering,” Chaidez said about the song. “It’s about the kind of mistake that ends up showing you the way forward. I’ve made a lot of those. I’m sure there will be more.”

“I Did It!” is out now and Kitten’s sophomore record is due later this year.