Song of the Week: Camp Cope – “How To Socialise & Make Friends”

The latest single from Camp Cope finds them breaking out of a bad relationship.

“How To Socialise & Make Friends” is one of those bouncy, upbeat guitar songs that disguises the end of a relationship. It’s about kicking a bad influence to the curb and finding the freedom of life without that weight hanging over your head. As guitarist Georgia McDonald sings, “I’ve been riding my bike with no handlebars/Through empty streets in the dark/And I think I’m getting pretty good.”

In the end, she yells out, “I can see myself living without you and being fine.” It’s the power of independence, backed by the trio’s rhythm guitar, slippery bass line and precision percussion. It’s made for a crowd to jump and shout along for their autonomy.

“How To Socialise & Make Friends” is the title track of Camp Cope’s latest album, out March 2 via Run for Cover.