Song of the Week: Sidney Gish – “Persephone”

We’re kicking off the new year with a lovely bit of bedroom pop!

On “Persephone,” Sidney Gish creates the type of warm, graceful groove that sounds lived-in and personal. With little more than a simple backbeat and some bright guitar lines, she builds this song effortlessly. It’s music that you could picture her playing to a few friends in her bedroom, or to a full club rapt with attention.

The Boston singer-songwriter is just as comfortable in her lyrics. She sings about her tendency to mispronounce words, like turning the title into “purse-a-phone” or saying “protestant” as “pro-test-ant.” And who know what? She’s fine with that. Gish completely owns and embraces this quirk, stating “But i’ll mispronounce and mis-accent for infinity/there isn’t much that you could do to stop me.” It’s both whimsical and down-to-earth.

“Persephone” is off Gish’s new album, No Dogs Allowed, out now.