A Very Geekery First Birthday!

A very merry birthday to your new favorite place on the internet! Let’s all celebrate!

One year ago this weekend, The Casual Geekery went live, first as a WordPress site where I just reviewed comics I read on the subway ride home from work. I started doing more and more with the site, inviting people to talk about what they geek out over. I must say, I’m pretty pleased with what the site has become over the past year – from the awesome logo up top to all the great content from some pretty amazing people.

My first post was a review of issues of Superman, the Teen Titans and Red Hood and the Outlaws – you should check it out. The Subway Shorts column has become the anchor for the site, giving me a chance to put down my thoughts mostly on what I like about my weekly pull, but sometimes on things that make me groan, too.

Speaking of anchors, for six months now, Joe has been anchoring the weekend with his SONG OF THE WEEK column. In addition to reading about his weekly pick, you can also listen to a playlist of the songs he’s reviewed on SPOTIFY.

There’s a lot of content to check out on The Geekery – from Dave’s BIG STEAMING PILE, reviewing quirky games he finds on Steam, to ELLE’S INSIGHTS on life – and I hope you continue to check it out. The latest addition to the Geekery family was a review of the podcast MY FAVORITE MURDER.

A great big thank you to everyone who’s contributed over the last year and everyone who’s clicked on posts. Hopefully, our second year will be bigger, better and geekier than the first!

Here’s your open thread for Saturday – talk about anything you want.