“Road Head” sounds like a song that you can float away on.

It’s shines and glistens like the sun reflecting off the ocean at sunset. It’s low-key, 90s soul filtered through modern indie rock. Michelle Zauner picks out a soft, light melody and airs her vocals over the soundscape. The bass lays out a heavy groove, giving the track just enough bounce to get you nodding your head along to it.

As is often the case with Japanese Breakfast, the lyrics tell an abstract story. “Last ditch desperate /Like a makeshift cell phone/Pumping raw,” Zauner sings. When she repeats the word “run” though, it’s not so much a warning as a threat. But the darkness adds to the attraction to this beautiful song. It’s cyclical nature makes it endlessly listenable.

“Road Head” is on Japanese Breakfast’s sophomore record, Soft Sounds From Another Planet, out on July 14.