Arcade Fire are back! And they’ve been listening to a lot of ABBA! The title track for their latest album, Everything Now, doubles down on the disco vibe they cultivated on their last record, Reflektor. But it’s also got more of a lived-in, natural feel. You can hear each contribution to that feet-moving sound, such as the sunrise piano, acoustic strums and speeding strings. There’s even a bit of a Toto sound in the flute segment!

Plus, as with the best Arcade Fire songs, it’s got a chorus that’s made for a crowd to shout along. Win Butler sings about how the accessibility of all media at all times is a road that it’s impossible to turn back from. Not a frivolous topic, but the music itself makes this one of the band’s most radiant anthems. Plus, it’s produced by Pulp’s Steve Mackey and Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter! No wonder it makes you want to dance!

Everything Now is out on July 28 through Columbia Records.


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