Song of the Week (5/5/17): LCD Soundsystem – “call the police”


Yes, you read that right! LCD Soundsystem is finally back with new music. This is happening! After seven years and a hiatus in-between their last album and today, would they still have the magic? The answer is an undeniable yes.

Like the band’s best songs, “call the police” is a rollicking, groovy slice that bubbles up into a life-affirming anthem. It hits that balance of digital and analog instruments that LCD does better than any other group out there. James Murphy’s voice is also still in top shape, emotive, belting and able to slip into a falsetto. “Your head is on fire, your hands are getting weak/We all, we all get stupid in the heat,” he sings, bringing up the divisiveness and political tension in America. The words will register and be on your mind, but you’ll still be dancing crazily as you listen. Welcome back LCD Soundsystem.