These days, the easiest and hardest piece of music to write is a straightforward, roaring rocker. After all, the format’s been in existence as we know it for more than 60 years. That’s a lot of songs! It’s a familiar format that when done poorly, can sound rote or by-the-numbers. But when done right, it can still get your pulse racing and your head banging like nothing else. White Reaper is an example of the latter.

The Louisville garage band’s latest, “Little Silver Cross,” features it all. Propulsive drums, some heavy, shredding riffage, raw vocals and a chorus built for shouting along. “Watching the news man/For somewhere to go/Waiting for something.That’s coming too slow,” singer/guitarist Tony Esposito sings. This is a voice destined to yell over festival fields or in arenas.

I wouldn’t quite call White Reaper The World’s Best American Band, like their new album does, but they play and sing like they’re sprinting for the title. You can hear more of that record now, as it is available everywhere through Polyvinyl.


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