Warner Brothers is making sure the band is getting together, as the studio released the official trailer for Justice League.


Coming after a series of teases for the trailer on Thursday featuring the individual characters, the new trailer gives us a better feel for how the movie will look and how these new heroes will interact together.

Batman (Ben Affleck) and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) are the driving forces behind bringing the team together, both to honor the memory of Superman and to protect the world against a coming evil teased by Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) at the end of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

While Superman doesn’t make an appearance in the trailer, Lois Lane (Amy Adams) DOES appear, so we won’t forget that Superman is still a part of this world.

The trailer, set to an unnecessary cover of “Come Together,” in order to drive the point home that these heroes are forming a supergroup, provides a good number of chuckles, including an interaction between Commissioner Gordon (JK Simmons) and Batman.

We also seem to get snippets of the origins for Cyborg, Flash and Aquaman. And that worries me, because Batman v. Superman had a ridiculous amount of unnecessary content thrown into the film and the length was almost unbearable. For a film that should be packed with ACTION, these origin segments may prove to make the movie way too long. Obviously, I’m just speculating, but it is something of an educated guess, based on the previous DC Universe movies.

Overall, though, the trailer made Justice League look like a fun flick. I’m putting a lot of hope on June’s Wonder Woman movie to turn the page for the DC movies, so hopefully this continues the trend.

We’ll have to wait until November 17 to see, though.