It’s shocking sometimes that so many new, great songs can come from only a voice and an acoustic guitar. Louisville songwriter Joan Shelley follows a long lineage of folk tradition. But she still makes “Wild Indifference” sound wholly personal and her own. With an effortless , hypnotic melody, she sings about the damaging effect detachment has on others.

“In your wild indifference / It’s all centered around you / Ain’t it lonely?” she sings, her voice weary but reaching out, an effort to break through another’s apathy. But Shelley also turns the examination inward, declaring “I’ve been a chaser too long.” It’s a beautiful, relatable song that bodes well for her upcoming self-titled album. That record, produced by Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy, drops on May 5.



  1. I opened this link hours ago and I still haven’t actually listened to the song. At this point it’s really up in the air if I will at all.


  2. Aaaand several more hours later I’ve listened to it twice.

    It’s alright. It reminds me of something that my mother would have listened to in the 80s. My house sounded a lot like this.


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