U.K. singer-songwriter Marika Hackman’s new release has much more of full-band vibe to it than her earlier work. Bringing her friends from The Big Moon to back her up, she turns “Boyfriend” into a hazy, woozy rock tune. Listening to the opening melody, you’d swear that the guitar slide is being played in reverse. It’s a wonderfully weird bit of riffage that sticks in your brain.

“It’s fine ’cause I am just a girl/’It’s just a dream’/A woman really needs a man to make her scream,” she sings, the sarcasm dripping off every word. If her tone wasn’t enough to make her point, the furious squeals she forces out of her guitar sends the message.

Hackman’s new album, I’m Not Your Man, will drop on June 2. It will be her first record on Sub Pop.