The end of a relationship can be exhausting. With so much energy invested, you can feel drained when things fall apart. Not only emotionally, but physically. Over time though, that exhaustion transforms into resolve. You dedicate yourself to moving on and moving forward.

Folk rock trio The Staves put this sensation to music with “Tired As Fuck.” The bluesy song builds from a mournful sermon into a scorching rocker. “Never had a prayer to follow/I’ll be coming home tomorrow,” the sisters harmonize over a steady beat and a rough, raw guitar solo. It’s the sound of picking yourself up, dusting yourself off and pushing forward.

As the band says themselves, “Lamenting (among other things) the lack of some sort of guidance in that kind of situation, but also accepting and resigning yourself to the fact that you have to soldier on. Keep going. There is no helping hand.”

The new single, along with its b-side, “Train Tracks,” is available on The Staves’ website.


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  1. I’d never heard this until just now but it’s ok. The Tragically Hip have an unrelated song of the same name that they released last year that I also enjoy.

    It speaks to me.


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