The best songs by The New Pornographers are always high-energy. Usually, they also feature duets between Carl Newman and Neko Case or Kathryn Calder. And their newest single, “High Ticket Attractions” is no exception.

Doubling down on the sparkling synths that made their last album, Brill Bruisers, such a standout, the track is just fun. You’ll want to dance or jump around to it. The synth melodies move from the foreground to the background effortlessly, working either with the rest of the band’s performance or given opportunities to shine on its own.

“This thing could go two ways/Won’t be another exit for days/So pack a small suitcase/Anything else can be easily replaced,” the chorus goes. Those lines are only partially true. When this Canadian band is on point, you can’t easily replace The New Pornographers.

Luckily, this is just our first taste of the group’s seventh LP. Titled Whiteout Conditions, the record is due to drop on April 7.


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