After a harrowing adventure with the original secret superteam, the Justice Society of America, the Legends of Tomorrow set off to discover what’s causing the aberrations in the timeline. Little do they know that the Waverider has picked up a stowaway…

As we left the show last week, the Reverse Flash, Eobard Thawne, killed the JSA’s Hourman Rex Tyler, but all he was able to tell his partner Vixen was that it was a time traveler who got to him. Since the Legends of Tomorrow are the only time travelers she knows – what a sheltered life she leads, huh? – she sneaks onto the time ship and goes after the team’s thief and murderer, Mick. Thankfully, the newly-superpowered hemophiliac historian Nate Heywood saves the day by knocking her out.


All the confusion gets cleared up fairly quickly, as Nate goes to train with Ray while Sara explains to Vixen that the Legends are hunting someone through the time stream. All’s well, right? Yeah, that was just the first 5 minutes of the show. Things haven’t had the chance to go off the rails yet! But they do, of course they do. Nate doesn’t know his own strength and ends up falling into the timestream and bouncing into Feudal Japan in 1641.

Nate gets rescued by a woman who is set to be married to an evil Shogun while Ray gets captured by the army of said Shogun, who steals his ATOM suit and uses it for himself. Sara, Mick and Amaya (Vixen) head off to save the pair, but need to reconsider their plans when they discover the Shogun has the ATOM suit.

The heroes regroup and Ray maps out a plan to defeat the Shogun, but it involves destroying the suit. The father of the girl who rescued Nate suits Ray up as a Samurai with a sword and he faces off with the Shogun and eventually destroys the suit, with Nate’s help. Meanwhile, after Nate just discovered his powers, he spends the entire episode trying to get them to work, even after he gets stabbed by the Shogun’s men. I’m guessing the show’s budget wouldn’t allow for him to be all silvered up for 45 minutes.

Over in the Waverider, Jax and Prof. Stein, the two halves of Firestorm, go about trying to fix the ship when they find a secret hatch. Jax is hesitant to open it (“If there’s anything I’ve learned from Lost, you don’t open secret hatches!” – true story), but when they do, they discover a message for the missing Rip Hunter from Barry Allen – The Flash – from 2056. Flash has a secret for Hunter, and tells him not to tell the team. Even though Hunter is gone, Jax and Stein decide to hold on to the secret and not tell the rest of the team.

A lack of communication really is the worst part about this team – and a good chunk of the teams on CW superhero shows. Just TALK TO EACH OTHER and you’ll be able to work together to solve all your problems. Drives me crazy.

Anyway, it’s another good episode, I thought, with little touches of the larger CW-verse. The family that rescues Nate are the Yamashiro family, which makes the sword Ray and Nate use to defeat the Shogun the sword that will eventually be wielded by Katana, who played a prominent role in Season 3 of Arrow.

Where do we go from here? Civil War and zombies. Oh goody.