Big Steaming Pile – Victoria II

The Victorian Era was a period of great advancement and upheaval in history. New technologies like the telephone and telegraph expedited communications, nations like Germany and Italy were united, and mankind continued to develop new and exciting ways to kill each other.

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Big Steaming Pile – Train Simulator 2013

Simulators have been an expansive genre in PC gaming for quite a long time now, from the Maxis classics like SimCity and SimEarth, to the incredibly expansive Microsoft Flight Simulator series, to modern indie simulation titles like Autobahn Police Simulator, there’s always been a market for games that allow you to experience activities that you probably would never get the ability to in real life.

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Big Steaming Pile – I Am Bread

One of the aspects of game design that’s always fascinated me is character design. From plumber brothers to blue hedgehogs to whatever the hell Crash Bandicoot was supposed to be, I’m always intrigued by what characters stick and become memorable and which ones fall by the wayside, because there never seems to be any guidelines that dictates what gets over and what doesn’t.

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