Subway Shorts – Action Comics 999

The Rebirth era of Superman comes to an end as DC Comics prepares for a pretty big anniversary in the next issue of Action Comics. But first, the Man of Steel has some business to…

Subway Shorts – Super Sons 13

Jon Kent and Damian Wayne are having a typically-boring day at school in the latest issue of Super Sons when Damian’s mother – Talia al Ghul, the daughter of the Demon’s Head – arrives on…

Subway Shorts – The Flash Annual 1

The Flash comic is getting in on the big event train, with the annual setting the stage for the upcoming Flash War and giving some more insight into the recently-returned original Wally West.

Subway Shorts – Doomsday Clock 3

The third issue of DOOMSDAY CLOCK gives us what many were looking forward to since the series was announced – Batman and Rorschach meeting – while giving us hints of what’s to come.