King’s IT a Fantastic Flick

(Head Geek’s note: This review is courtesy of friend of the Geekery, ProjectBlue.)

Stephen King’s IT has never been far from the pop culture conscious since its 1986 novel release. The book itself became controversial for a scene skipped over in both film versions. The 1990 ABC miniseries, while lacking, endures because of Tim Curry’s portrayal of Pennywise the Clown, the murderous demon stalking fictional Derry, Maine.

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Ella’s Insights: Mind Your Manners!

I grew up around Collectible Card Games and I like gamers. Watching them play, listening to their banter and intense debate over EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME; their incessant trolling and annoyingly precise attention to detail. No surprise to me I ended up marrying one.

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Guest Post: San Japan 2016 Part 2


(Head Geek’s Note: This post was provided by Friend of the Blog Jose Gomez. Part 1 of his report can be found here.)


First thing we did is stop by McDonald’s for some breakfast. The good thing about conventions is it gives all businesses a nice boost. The bad thing is when you’re trying to order a McGriddle, a ton of people show up and now you feel like you’re in a sardine can. What’s even worse is they already ran out of McGriddles. AT 10 IN THE MORNING!! I settled for an egg McMuffin and my wife and her niece each got the breakfast platter. We decided to do a panel at 2 p.m., so we went back to the convention and decided to hang out at the Table Top area and play Cards Against Humanity.

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Guest Post: SAN JAPAN 2016 part 1


(Head Geek’s Note: This post was provided by Friend of the Blog Jose Gomez. Part 2 of his report will be posted on Saturday.)

This is Jose Gomez and I’m here to review all three days of San Japan, an anime convention here in San Antonio, TX. 

San Japan is began in 2007. The first event was supposed to be a regular 3-day event but there were some issues with the location, so they did a one-day event at the local Our Lady Of The Lake University as a sort of “preview”.

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