Geekery Release Friday – October 13

Hello all! It’s Friday the 13th (spooky!) and that means it’s time for new movies and music. These picks are so good, it’s frightening! (Okay, I’ll stop.)

First up, Jackie Chan returns and he’s taking on….TAKEN. In THE FOREIGNER, he plays a grieving father with a buried past who will stop at nothing to find the terrorists who killed his daughter. Pierce Brosnan co-stars as the government official who may know about the killers than he’s letting on.

If you like your drama with less explosions, check out MARSHALL. This biopic is about a young Thurgood Marshall (played by Chadwick Boseman), the first African-American Supreme Court Justice, as he battles through one of his career-defining cases.

Other releases include HAPPY DEATH DAY, which is basically GROUNDHOG DAY but for horror. You can also watch PROFESSOR MARSTON AND THE WONDER WOMEN, about the creation of everyone’s favorite Amazonian princess.

Switching over to music, it’s yet another big week! First up is St. Vincent’s fifth solo record, MASSEDUCTION. No two albums by her are alike and this new release is no exception. Rather than limiting herself to straightforward songwriting convection, St. Vincent bursts at the seams of art-rock, stretching her imagination to create her boldest work yet. It’s super-weird and super-catchy and I love it.

Another chameleon of an artist, Beck, is also back with COLORS. His first album since the Grammy-winning, low-key MORNING PHASE finds Beck in a party mood! It’s his grooviest, most upbeat record in at least a decade and brings to mind his feet-moving hits of the 90s. But with a modern pop touch.

Speaking of the 90s, Wu-Tang Clan is back as well! Their new album, WU-TANG: THE SAGA CONTINUES, features production by RZA and beats by longtime Wu-Tang affiliate Mathematics. Sure, that asshat Martin Shkreli may still possess the only copy of their previous album. But this one is for all of us.

Other picks this week include BEAUTIFUL TRAUMA, Pink’s first album in five years, Robert Plant’s new solo record CARRY FIRE, Billy Corgan’s new solo record OGILALA and a collaborative release between indie rockers Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile, called LOTTA SEA LICE.

What’s catching your eye this weekend? Sound off below!

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  1. Corgan’s album has had a few spins this morning. It’s nice. When i saw he had a solo album coming out I was like eh why isn’t it Pumpkins but this really shouldn’t be a Pumpkins album. It’s all very slow, acoustic, piano-y. Very little of the synth that’s dominated the last few SP releases

  2. This guy is complaining about every single part of Sherlock and it’s great, it’s just some guy that has a bloodhate for Gattis because of Dr. Who

        1. I’m sitting here thinking “I know Marv posts at night, and it’s like 4:50 out there right now…”

          Usually I spend 7:30 to 8:30 EST watching silence on both threads because everyone else is asleep.

          1. I used to make fun of my dad for falling asleep on the couch when I was a kid. Oh how the tables have turned…

          2. aging is real and it’s terrible :/ I asked a 29 year old friend of mine yesterday about watching the football tomorrow together and he was like yeah bar at 12 and then the Notts beer festival after and to 35 year old me it’s like fuck what? How about you come round and sit on my sofa and then afterwards I’ll take a nap and you go

  3. Mrs TatR is pissed because she got another download copyright warning letter, this time because I downloaded the Godfather trilogy and left it seeding

          1. I find that sometimes throttles my dl speed and god knows I needed that trilogy of movies I downloaded a month back and haven’t watched yet as quickly as possible

    1. Where are you grabbing things from? Been a fairly heavy torrenter since it was a thing and never a blip. Private sites

      1. using utorrent off of either Kat or a or a pirate proxy. it’s our provider VirginMedia, they block all kinds of sites and are really cracking down

  4. I’ve been watching all the “A Moment With Chester” segments from the Sifl and Olly Show on YouTube. I forgot exactly how funny these were. I almost spit out my drink on the one about the squirrels. I probably would have for the one about the cereal factory had I been drinking anything.

  5. From now on I will dedicate my life to bringing chaos to the world that has rejected me! I will become the greatest supervillain the world has ever seen! Where I go, destruction will follow!

          1. Here goes nothing

            Ferrari made a website
            About comics, movies, and such
            Don’t care no more about wrasslin’
            He no longer gives a fuck

            But he has some posters posting
            With gimmicks, jokes, and pranks
            Ferrari doesnt have for this shit
            He just wants to watch the Yanks

            Then he sees a flag
            And the anger disappears
            Loves the Red, White, and Blue
            Only shops at Sears

            Ferrari is a true patriot!

  6. I was a huge Friday 13th fan. I had all the DVDs. Been a long time since I watched them though. I always hated Freddy vs Jason. I liked the 2009 remake more.

    1. The sad fate of Monica Keena is one of the more depressing Hollywood things of the last 15 years. How is Edward Furlong still alive? Does he really have that much money from T2 royalties?

  7. Argh someone just arranged a meeting for the afternoon of Friday November 3rd, which was looking like the next day I could just work from home

  8. When I was on vacation last month I saw a good idea for a business. A movie theatre that just plays old movies. They were playing We Are Marshall and Scent of a Woman. It would be great to own and operate a theatre that just plays old, good movies.

      1. I don’t think so!

        I actually made Lady Duck turn around and stop the car so I could inspect the sign to make sure it was the actual 2007 Matthew McConaughy football drama! It was!

    1. I went to one of those in la. It does silent movies and early talkies through about 1940.
      I saw city lights there

      1. A slew of high-profile women — including New York First Lady Chirlane McCray — vowed to boycott Twitter on Friday over the suspension from the site of actress and Harvey Weinstein accuser Rose McGowan.

        1. #WomenBoycottTwitter became the top-trending hashtag on the site Thursday night with the likes of Alyssa Milano, Chrissy Teigen, Kathy Griffin — and even male stars like Mark Ruffalo — saying they’d steer clear of Twitter for one day.

    1. Damnit…another one bites the dust. I refuse to tweet at things…i make Louise do it sometimes with hers, but i will never do it

  9. I always wanted to buy one of those old downtown movie theaters with the cool neon marquee and buy the building next door, tear down the wall and make it a diner. Combine the two and make it a staple of whatever town I lived in.

          1. I want a current movie theatre playing random awesome movies. Like, it would randomly play Full Metal Jacket or Legally Blonde.

          2. We would do all kinds of promotions. That’s the only way to get people in the door. “Win prizes”, “get involved”, “play games”, “theme days”, etc.

    1. Matt has a dream
      To buy a theater located downtown
      He’ll tear down some walls
      Built it back up from the ground

      Gonna make it into a diner
      Maybe play an old movie or two
      Serving up a variety of greens
      And show the movie “Xanadu”

      But if you are a patron
      Better support the troops
      If you take a knee
      He won’t serve you soup

      Matt is a real, true, American Patriot

      1. We had a movie theater with a diner in the theater like that where we used to live. It’s a terrible idea. My idea would have the diner next door.

    1. I haven’t to a fancy one. Is it constantly jackasses walking around serving orders and taking crap away or do they at least do it before the show and during an intermission?

      There’s a pizza theater in maine that does it the latter way and I like that.

      1. AMC, because of course it’s them, apparently there’s a button you push on your seat and someone will come and take your order. it sounds so annoying

  10. I have a Twitter account that I haven’t used in 3 or 4 years. I don’t even get on Twitter except when you guys post a link to it.

    1. I have a special Duck twitter I use to follow wrestling news and results. I use it to alternately inform and annoy through oversaturation.

    2. Have had an account for cripes, 5 or 6+ years now. Haven’t once twatted. Basically just use it for news/sports/movie coverage

  11. It’s always funny how women think them being silent helps their cause.


      1. When the problems are a brewing
        And the women cause a scene
        The men have to step in
        Before it becomes obscene

        So the women counter by becoming silent
        No more screeching is heard
        But the cause is usually fruitless
        And comes off absurd

        I love this country
        God bless this flag
        Can for one fucking minute
        Stop being a nag

        I’m a real American (Man)

    1. They did a silent march here after Trump got elected and a bunch of Red Power natives showed up and walked at the front of their march with giant drums and were doing they heya heya heya and all that good stuff. It was SOOOO LOUD and those women were SOOOO PISSED hahaha

  12. Had my beginning of the year “here’s the shit I’m doing this year” meeting. Admin asked if I was doing report cards this year.
    “How, your department hasn’t gotten to task design and will have nothing formal to grade”
    “¯_(ツ)_/¯ ”
    Then we both laughed….still doing report cards though.

  13. Little brother says he wants either Dark Souls 2 or Witcher 3 for his birthday. Which one should I get him, folks who may know more than me about this

  14. We had to move desks at work because we’re a bunch of kindergartners I guess, and now my PC faces salespeople so I have to be careful what I click on 🙁

    1. At my last job our fat boss lady (who doesn’t anything I.T.) tried to make us do that, but we all said no and laughed at her

  15. I have a cold, wrenched my neck getting into the car because Curly’s favorite past time is adjusting the car seat so I can’t turn my head either. Today’s going to be swell.

  16. Roku just started their own Roku channel, and it’s like the early days of Netflix, just random movies that were popular in like 2002.

          1. Oh so many of those dudes have serious repression issues. Like Mike Pence has to either be a closet case or have been sexually abused at some point.

  17. We used to have an old movie theatre that played newish releases, like a month after they opened, and also old movies. I saw that singing in the rain rape picture there. Also Dark Side of Oz.

    It had a big balcony, and a curtain in front of the screen that they’d raise. The sound system was terrible though.

    Now they just play documentaries.

  18. Seriously though, if I was meandering around town aimlessly and saw a movie theatre playing The Faculty for no reason, I would ABSOLUTELY buy a ticket. That’s exactly the kind of random movie is love to see in a theatre again.

    1. I think the trend in businesses that aren’t just going straight out of business is to appeal to as broad a range of people as possible rather than hoping the one guy who wants to watch School Ties is happening to walk past at that exact moment

  19. Excluding news media and trump properties, NFL is now the most polarizing brand. 2nd is chick fil a. 3rd is cabelas (whatever that is)

        1. You really do! Deer are super smart. Not only do you have to blend in you have to track them for awhile and only approach from downwind they’re crazy

  20. UPDATED: Amazon Studios boss Roy Price is going on a leave of absence, the company confirmed, amid details emerging of a 2015 incident involving Isa Hackett Dick, executive producer of Amazon’s The Man In The High Castle and upcoming Philip K Dick’s Electric Dreams.

    ….there’s going to be no one left in hollywood by christmas.

    1. You should have grabbed her drink and thrown it onto the floor between your legs and been like “No I didn’t bitch but I have now!” And then done a shuffle on the mess.

      1. From his facebook.

        “Congratulations! I’m making a new album with a full band. America is great again!! Hard working songs for a better America. Write congratulations so the Facebook algorithm thinks its for stupid healthcare of something! #TheHippiesLost”

          1. He put up a thing on FB Live where he was in the studio snorting lines of god knows what saying “I’m gassing up the plane.”

            He then proceeded to sample a Creed song for his track “Time to Masturbate.”

            Roadsteamer is a National treasure

  21. If I owned a movie theater, here would be my annual schedule:

    Valentine’s Day on February 14

    Titanic on April 15

    Star Wars on May 4

    ID4: Independence Day on July 4

    Back to the Future Trilogy marathon on October 21 and October 26

    Die Hard on Christmas Eve

    Plus more

  22. My favorite line in Dean Martin’s “Ain’t That A Kick In The Head” is where “she’s picked up a king sized bed”…..scandalous!

    1. Co-worker of mine has a close friend who owns a bar in Western Mass. His experience with ordering PPVs and airing them at the bar was pretty terrible.

      1. My friend in Albany watches PPVs at a local pizza parlor. He is the only one who leaves a tip, orders food and drinks, etc. so the waitresses all fight over the right to serve him

        1. Yep, this was the exact scenario. You get the slobs who don’t go out otherwise and have zero bar etiquette. They order one app if you’re lucky, a round of sodas, and take up a table for 4 hours.

      1. Some Montreal actress says she met him 3 times. Each one was supposed to be a business meeting but was changed to his hotel at the last minute.

        First time he got her to give him a back rub, second time he answered the door without pants and then jacked off, third time he kissed her.

        She decided that the Canadian scene paid less, but had less Harv, and stayed home.

  23. Yesterday on the BoD, I posted how some of Trump’s supporters are so in love with him they would let Trump fuck them and someone from team Trump said because I posted that I was a racist. Not really seeing the correlation.

  24. Hi mom this is my boyfriend Harvey.

    *Harvey smiles and gently shakes Mrs Lebowitz’s hand*

    Nice to meet you Mrs. Lebowitz.

    *Harvey sees a potted plant in the corner and runs over and begins furiously masturbating in it*

      1. Screaming angry baby who won’t take a nap and let me have any time do get anything done around the house. And my wife going, “huh, that sounds like it sucks for you. I’ll see you in 8 hours… maybe later, I may go out with my coworkers.”

        Seriously, someone come over here and fucking kill me. I’m done with everything.

        1. Yesterday was worse because I was on 4 hours of sleep and couldn’t get a nap in. At least I’m on a full 8-9 hours today, but the screaming has intensified. And I just wanna eat my breakfast, write a comic book review and watch Arrow. Those morning plans are now shot

          1. Don’t worry, this eventually fades. Although that’s usually because you reach a point of complete and utter resignation.

    1. Ferrari is at home
      Tired and burned out
      Ferrarwee is wide awake
      And all you hear is a shout

      Ferrari says its not okay
      His wife says that sucks
      Then she’ll go out with co-workers
      While Ferrari remains miserable as fuck

      But when the clock strikes noon
      And the anthem plays
      Ferrari’s anger disappears
      As he loves the American ways

      Ferrari is a true patriot

  25. “Don’t panic!
    There’s still time to get your registration turned in for the 2017 Pumpkin Decorating Contest. See the attached form.
    Registrations are due Friday, October 20. ”

    …….Do I get an extra paycheck for this or am I doing this on my own time?

  26. It should be illegal for executive orders to gut parts of what is a law. I don’t really understand how that is constitutional.

      1. Donnie tried to repeal the ACA
        Said it was a joke
        But he came up with a replacement
        That couldn’t get the vote

        But Donnie got in a rage
        Due to his psychiatric disorders
        And took the lack of votes personal
        So he made an executive order

        His low income voters
        Aren’t part of Donnie’s favorite tax bracket
        So he blames his decision on Obama
        And knows his supporters will fully back it

        His supporters want the wall
        And Obama Care repealed
        Donnie will continue to bend them over
        While they gleefully squeal

        This country is completely fucked!

          1. I deserve a chance to sing these bullshit songs on SNL Weekend Update. Like what they have there now is any better or worse.

    1. Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about below. I don’t understand how executive orders should be allowed to gut a piece of LAW. Obamacare is the Law, so you shouldn’t have that option. I don’t see how that’s constitutional, but apparently it’s allowed. Ridiculous.

      I guess he can just gut everything about ACA and make it completely useless and then they’ll vote to get rid of it based on the fact that there isn’t anything to it anymore.

  27. The Daily Hollywood Headline Roundup:

    Today’s creepo is Amazon Studios head Roy Price who evidently sexually harassed the exec producer of Man in the High Castle

    A new writer has been attached to Beetlejuice 2 so .. there is some new concerns they could actually happen. Tim Burton and Keaton are currently working o the live action Dumbo…………………I’ll just leave that sentence there.

    Fox knows the sexy super powers of C-Tates as his Marvel spin off Gambit comes out Valentine’s Day 2019.

    Kevin Feige has talked about what is coming in Phase 4 of Marvel. Well he basically didn’t talk about it but it sounds like we are looking at some sort of reboot “part of what makes them special, there is a finite quality to the best of fictional stories through history. And we wanted to do that at the end of our first three phases and 22 movies. How we start anew and wherever we go beyond that is a story for another time. This is really about 10 years on, bringing something to a head in a satisfying and unexpected way.”

    The New Mutants trailer is out there and…………..yeah the rumors were true based on the trailer its a horror movie.

    Finally an FYI. As Netflix has been removing futurama everything futurama goes up on Hulu OCt 16.

    That’s the latest Hot Gos from Hollyweird stop touching women who don’t want to be touched edition

    1. Loved the shot at Netflix on the new South Park

      “Netflix, you’re greenlit!”

      “We’ve never done this before, but I’m afraid we have to pass on your series”

    1. It’s still really expensive outside of a group plan (self-employed and tiny businesses get boned) but now it is mandatory.

    2. The best thing Obamacare did was make morons who spent $300 on Game consoles but who make $10/hour, actually stop and use that money on their fucking health instead of something completely useless.

      Anyone who had company healthcare, nothing changed for us. Just the poor folks who were never offered health insurance or didn’t feel like paying for it.

        1. I love the bullshit notion here that our healthcare, which is insanely expensive with a crazy prescription drug racket, is somehow the best.

  28. I’m convinced that if we would have nominated ANYONE ELSE on the left, we would have won that election. I literally mean ANYONE ELSE.

    I’m partly to blame for this in a very, very, very, very small way.

    1. Should’ve nominated Harvey Weinstein then rather than war with North Korea we’d get to hear about him fingerblasting Angela Merkel in an alley behind Laimer Bierstube

    1. A completely lazy one hopefully. Huge football game on saturday lunch time, then just sitting around watching lesser football games until its time to go back to work

    2. Supposed to go to jello wrestling but the babysitter bailed so now we’re panicking trying to find someone. If that falls through we’ll probably spend the weekend killing ourselves.

    3. Kid’s soccer
      Kid’s Little Gym
      1 year old’s birthday party
      Staring at a wall before crying myself to sleep
      Cleaning the house
      Soccer and town pumpkin fair all afternoon
      Repeating the staring and crying

        1. You can but you have to make the honking sound, too. He probably forgot to make the sound, and that’s where he went wrong.

  29. Accusing people of sexual assault is so popular now even playmates are trying to get in on it? That is hilarious. That’s like a stripper complaining that they got looked at.

  30. Bernie probably would have won.

    Although I still say the country is more centrist than that, and Biden would have won a lot easier.

          1. I wasn’t a fan of the Obama years and Biden would’ve continued it(probably go even further to the right).

          2. I was a fan of the Obama years, and Biden would’ve continued it. And Obama didn’t “go to the right”. And Joe Biden isn’t a centrist, he’s just not a socialist like Sanders.

  31. I want the next guy accused to be way way out of left field, like Sandra Bernhard accuses Tom Hanks of repeated drugging and raping or something.

    1. Either Weinstein has decided to take everyone down with him or Trump is spilling the dirt on his Hollywood pals, hopefully with his fake publicist persona.

  32. I think the part of this sexual assault thing I’m most upset by is that it’s probably going to make movies shitty as a side effect.

    1. Every film will be made by a woman and we’ll all have to pretend it’s wonderful because it’s made by a woman, how wonderful it will be when all movies star wonderful women and are made by wonderful women and despite being pretty bad we all still have to pretend they’re wonderful.

      1. Like, I’m pretty sure Hollywood directors aren’t molesting ugly ass Making Copies Guy. Might be straight fucking with him though.

        1. He was probably thrown off the studio lot by security for pitching Deuce Bigalow Runs for Office and thought a security guard grabbed his ass in the process

      1. I think there has to be some leeway for how long its been, and whether or not you were a stupid kid at the time.

  33. I picture Bay has a contact list on his phone of 80 women and just mass texted… DON’T GO TO PRESS..COME TO ME.. i HAVE A STARRING ROLE FOR YOU!

    then he is talking to the studio….” so Micheal…. you want to replace all the robots with hot women you’ve previous worked with for the next 5 Transformer movies? “

    1. That one Victoria’s Secret model got the job in the 3rd movie (I think it was the 3rd) by showing up wearing see thru clothing and no bra

  34. Not to play down that some of this stuff is very serious and greasy, but I’d bet there are a loooottt of actors who’ve slapped some chick on the ass while drunk at a party, and coming out as super offended is just asking for trouble. You’d better be sure that you’re squeaky clean.

    1. Yeah Ben Affleck figured that out right quick when he said he was disgusted and an hour later Twitter was aflame with video of him touching a breast in 2003 or something.

    1. I read some Old Man Logan on my Kindle in the wee hours of the morning and it kept suggesting I get Moon Knight. I barely even remember him from back in the day. Is it really good?

  35. It’s almost as if having control over materials that allow workers to produce allows you to exploit them.

        1. So… The producers of movies are exploiting the potential actresses for their movies. But this could be avoided by… taking the movies away from the producers?

    1. Right Hollywood would be better if they purged everyone of talent and gave everyone a fair share of the…films…wait what happened this fell apart so fast

  36. Shit, now I need to write Terminator Six: The Accusing Ends Now. The Terminator is set to destroys all accused of harassment in Hollywood.

  37. I really didn’t realize how many old people there were until I started working in a hospital.

    Just endless amounts of old people.

    1. Who the motherfuck has the balls to just walk up to THAT GUY and grope him? I mean honestly that guy deserves to grope, he is fearless and we should probably make him a soldier or something

      1. Either he’s lying for attention or there’s an exec out there with the biggest balls in the universe.

        1. I know, but for a second I saw the name and was like “who the fuck is that?” and decided to go with the joke.

    1. In all seriousness, lord knows what happened to all the 80’s child actors that turned to drugs. I bet they were practically all abused

          1. Yeah I’m just thinking given all the creeps in Hollywood that a drunk and high 12 year old may have ended up in some terrible situations.

    1. Nah, leave Cuckoo’s Nest the fuck alone. Make it someone beloved like Bill Murray. Murray dying from a sex scandal would be incredible.

    2. He’s Hollywood’s Dracula, you ain’t killing him with anything less than a stake through the heart.

  38. Whether it be the NFL or Hollywood, I don’t see any of these institutions crumbling. They just regroup and adjust. Nothing really will change

    1. Oh for sure, but it’s fun to watch everyone freak the fuck out.

      Honestly in today’s political climate laughing at vile sex abusers seems to be the only thing that can bring us all together.

    2. Yeah with hollywood.. I don’t think the NFL is going away soon but.. I think they are on a path they aren’t ever going to recover fully from. I don’t think ratings and business will ever by as high as they were a few years back

      1. The protest stuff is part of it but there was no way they were going to sustain that level of interest anyway. Concussions, never ending commercials, and style of play was going to do them in sooner or later

  39. I didn’t know who Dan Scneider was so I had to look him up, lord that dude is handsome enough to be a wrestling ppv recapper that started on IRC

      1. There’s one of him with Miranda Cosgrove and it looks JUST like the pic from 10 Cloverfield Lane where they discover John Goodman was crazy and killed that girl

    1. His production partner was the Fonzie wannabe from the same show and I’m sure he’s got some skeletons rattling around just dying to get out. He produced all kinds of young actresses in the 1990s.

  40. I had no idea Dan Scneider was behind all the Nick shows till I heard about the allegations a year or so ago but that was another…”really… I can’t even like the fat guy from the 80s sitcom head of the class anymore?” I don’t know if I ever would have but the option to ever like him on that show again was taken from me.

  41. Stars discovered by Dan Schneider:

    – Amanda Bynes: Crazy
    – Kenan Thompson: On SNL
    – Kel Mitchell: Irrelevant
    – Jamie Lynn Spears: Got pregnant as a teen and fell off the face of the earth
    – Victoria Justice: Had nudes leaked during the Fappening and fell off the face of the earth
    – Lori Beth Denberg: Fat
    – Drake and Josh: Had a falling out over wedding invitations earlier this year
    – Miranda Cosgrove: Fell off the face of the earth
    – Arianna Grande: Is now a singer with an annoying voice

  42. Dude that has been super into kids shows and kid actors and being around kids and knowing what kids are into but despite being married has no kids of his own…yeah sure that’s normal totes

    1. I think he and Brian Robbins got together and said “you take the pre-teens and I’ll take the older ones with daddy issues”.

  43. Dan Schneider star Danny Tamberelli is actually doing well raking in royalties from playing Michael’s son in Grand Theft Auto V!

    1. We were thinking about spending the night in Philly after Fright Fest next weekend. But hotels are sold out. Something must be happening there.

  44. Rolling Stones for dance party time, watching some old live stuff and I kind of wish I was an actor and Mick Jagger was a producer if you know what I’m saying I’d about fuck this dude if you don’t know what I’m saying

  45. I’ve always wondered about Lorne Michaels. Rumor is that he had relationships with Nora Dunn and Molly Shannon, but there has to be more.