Monday Memories – You Blockhead!

One of the most well-known comic strips in the country made its debut on this day in 1950. From the its first strip to the last, which ran on February 13, 2000, its characters became some of the most ubiquitous in popular culture. It’s your birthday, Charlie Brown! Good grief!

Let’s take a look at the first appearance of Charlie Brown from 1950:

From his first appearance, “Good ol’ Charlie Brown” has been the kid that no one seemed to like, save for his best friend Linus (who wasn’t introduced for another two years) and his trusted beagle, Snoopy (who was introduced in the third strip, on October 4). In fact, the inaugural Peanuts strip may have been the first time that children were seen expressing hatred for another kid.

Despite not being very well liked by his classmates and losing pretty regularly at everything, Charlie Brown never was down for long.

The popularity of the daily newspaper strip led to the creation of the most enduring animated holiday specials, which still get played regularly today. In 1965, A Charlie Brown Christmas debuted. The following year, It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown made its debut.

One of the most amazing things about the Peanuts comic strip and its cartoon specials was how freely creator Charles Schulz waded into social issues. Or, more accurately, made a point of treating kids of all stripes as equals. In the special Charlie Brown’s All-Stars from 1966, Charlie Brown would refuse sponsorship of his baseball team because the league didn’t allow girls or dogs to play, and Charlie Brown had three girls and a dog on his team.

In 1968, Schulz added Franklin, an African-American boy, to his cast of characters, after receiving a letter from a schoolteacher in Los Angeles.

With the popularity of the characters both in the newspaper strips and in animated specials, the brand had endured, even after Schulz’s death in 2000. About two dozen specials have been produced – and frequently replayed on TV – and the characters have frequently been used in ad campaigns.

Even today, the Peanuts legacy endures, with a new animated movie released to theaters in November 2015, which update the look of Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus and the others to tell an original story written by Schulz’s heirs, that had frequent callbacks to the lore.

The Peanuts gang have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, and I’m looking forward to introducing them to my daughter, starting this month with The Great Pumpkin. So let’s all wish Good Ol’ Charlie Brown a Happy Birthday!

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  1. A Charlie Brown Christmas, even with the hammered upon Christian tone, is the greatest Christmas special of all-time. And the soundtrack is the best piece of music of all-time, and I’m not kidding.

          1. I have Sinatra Christmas coming on vinyl in 2 days. It will be tempting to listen to it 6 weeks before any self respecting person should.

    1. “Skating” is one my my favourite pieces of music from any genre. I lost my mind when I took my nephew to the Peanuts movie and it was played

  2. Just looked at Jaguars tickets.

    If you want to criticize the NFL for anything, it shouldn’t be kneeling. It should be their ridiculous ticket prices.

    1. Don’t forget the one sponsored by ILG: selling your body’s natural chemicals after you die, and Lil’ Sweetheart Cupcakes: a subsidiary of ILG

  3. I have been a Browns fan since 1984. There is a picture of me and my sister in front of the Christmas tree and I am completely dressed like a Browns football player, helmet, pads, and all.

    Never have I been more embarrassed for that child in front of the tree.

  4. Pulled my hamstring yesterday playing kickball. Tried the treadmill and couldn’t do it. Looks like I’ll be using the elliptical for the time being.

        1. That’s a nice excuse. Why didn’t his “mental illness” have him destroy more lives throughout his life?

      1. Because instead of getting a clear picture and actually understanding motivations, people use the words “mental illness” as though someone came up to him and slapped a label on the back of his jacket and that’s that – we’re done here! He was mentally ill!

  5. And of course, 99% of the coverage for this will be about the shooter himself, giving others who have ego-maniacal and psychopathic tendencies more motivation to become famous. And we won’t know a single name who died.

    1. It’s been hours since it happened, I’m sure many of the family members of the people who died haven’t been notified yet. The police won’t release names until that happens. You’ve gotta give the authorities a little time before we know who is dead.

    1. Are you another one who has a problem with my family and friends giving me an antiquated piece of equipment that plays nice music?

          1. I don’t remember an old-time radio and silent movie craze as a kid (which is too bad, because they’re both awesome). I guess there was a 1950’s nostalgia wave, but that really didn’t extend to technology.

      1. I need that giant RCA floor model that has a 20 inch screen and you need three people to lift it off the ground.

  6. Even though my dad’s cousin lives outside of Vegas, I shot her a message to make sure everyone is ok

      1. I tell ya, the Mandalay Bay hotel should be closed for harboring terrorists! They should be closed! My Trump Hotels would never allow terrorists to check in!

  7. So are they calling him a “troubled individual” and “lone wolf” or will they actually call him a fucking terrorist?

  8. I have a 4K TV and a record player, own scarves and wear Stacey Adams shoes, live in a cul-de-sac and drive a John Deere riding lawnmower. Please pigeonhole me.

  9. So far, no one is saying this guy was mentally ill. They are talking to people who knew him, and it sounds like he was a normal guy so far.

    1. He’s a dementia addled idiot who can’t form coherent sentences because he doesn’t read and is melting what’s left of his brain watching Fox News,so yeah he’s gonna struggle .

    1. Doesn’t matter what he says on the teleprompter, he’ll get on Twitter in 10 minutes and repeat whatever InfoWars tells him.

  10. Apart from the obvious (It’s a Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and A Charlie Brown Christmas), some of my favorite Peanuts movies or specials are Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown, Bon Voyage Charlie Brown (And Don’t Come Back) and What Have We Learned, Charlie Brown?

          1. Potassium-40, the isotope that’s in bananas is totally radioactive! There’s even a “Banana Scale” that equates dose received with number of bananas eaten

    1. Look, I love bananas. They’re great fruits, great fruits. I’ve employed thousands of people to grow bananas. I have a great relationship with the banana pickers. I’m going to do great with the bananas, in fact a poll came out in Massachusetts recently, I polled 25% with banana eaters; someone said if you get 25% of the banana vote, the election is over… but if I’m elected president, we are going to eat bananas instead of tomatoes. We have to eat vegetables, or we won’t have a country any more. We’re going to throw the tomatoes at Crooked Hillary, and it’s going to be a great banana peeling… and the tomatoes are going to pay for it.

  11. If only everyone in the crowd carried a gun to stop the shooter by pointing at the hotel and shooting into a public area, no one would be dead right now.

  12. In other news, for the whole month of October I’m gonna jam out to bands like Ghost, Misfits, Type O Negative and the like to get into the Halloween spirit

  13. Trump is going to Las Vegas on Wednesday
    The President said he will visit the city to meet with families of victims and first responders.

    Trump also announced that he has ordered “our great flag” be flown at half-staff in honor of the victims of the shooting.

  14. Would anyone be shocked if Trump showed up this week and talked about Las Vegas’s amazing history and its great, great founder, Moe Greene?

    1. There was this kid I grew up with; he was younger than me. Sorta looked up to me, you know. We did our first work together, worked our way out of the street. Things were good, we made the most of it. During Prohibition, we ran molasses into Canada… made a fortune, your father, too. As much as anyone, I loved him and trusted him. Later on he had an idea to build a city out of a desert stop-over for GI’s on the way to the West Coast. That kid’s name was Moe Greene, and the city he invented was Las Vegas. This was a great man, a man of vision and guts. And there isn’t even a plaque, or a signpost or a statue of him in that town! Someone put a bullet through his eye. No one knows who gave the order. When I heard it, I wasn’t angry; I knew Moe, I knew he was head-strong, talking loud, saying stupid things. So when he turned up dead, I let it go. And I said to myself, this is the business we’ve chosen; I didn’t ask who gave the order, because it had nothing to do with business!

        1. It’s fucking horrendous Snoopy gets shit on by the whole gang so he leaves and finds a girl dying of cancer to play with then all this shitty kids decide they want him back and fuck that cancer girl. It’s dreadful.

          1. He then gets into a fight with Linus over his blanket, and later beats Lucy in a boxing match. wtf????

          2. If I remember right Schulz was going through a divorce wen he wrote it and holy shit does it show, it answers the question: What would Charlie Brown be like if his creator was suicidal?

        1. He’s a failed standup comic turned conservative nut job convinced the media inflates the number of reported rape cases in women

  15. You know what the worst celebrity shit from the election was? That “Fight Song” video from the DNC. Oh boy, what a pile of embarrassing shit.

        1. Which is silly really, if we didn’t do anything about it when an entire classroom of children got murdered why the fuck would we do anything now

  16. I’ll watch just about anything. I love crapping on bad movies and stuff. I will never in my life watch Snoopy Come Home ever again. It’s just not worth the damage to my psyche.

  17. Uh oh, Charlie Brown is cussing Snoopy cause he cut his finger opening his food. Wow, Charlie Brown is such a dick. “You wouldn’t have anything if it wasn’t for me”

  18. The bad eating continues after the birthday weekend with ham and cheese on white, with BBQ chips which I have added inside the sandwich.


  19. Is this like when Spielberg and Lucas both went through divorces so we got Mola Ram ripping out hearts, enslaved children being whipped, and plot holes the size of Michigan?

  20. The fundamental flaw with the cartoons as opposed to the strip was that Snoopy had to lose his stream of consciousness. I don’t think it would have been too much of a stretch to have a voiceover reacting to whatever nonsense was going on.

  21. We had an unexplained moment of silence this morning. Guessing Vegas, but this place usually shuns “real world” stuff so the grownups were curious if someone district connected died, kids talked through it because we never do them here. Nothing says moment of silence like having to snap at some snot to stfu

    1. I do not like Rotten Tomatoes, shame amazon didn’t push IMDB ratings more, also gameable and not “experts” but eh

    1. It’s kind of sad how I’ve become so jaded about violence in the touristy areas. I was watching a documentary on the VICE network last night about how the city closed down the only high school for problem and mentally ill kids a year ago, and how the streets are swallowing up those kids now. There are areas in Chicago now where they literally recommend you do not walk down the street even during broad daylight for fear of being shot….but that’s just a blurb on the news these days.

  22. Gotta love the 1970s. Sure we complain about a lot of stuff pop culture wise today, but the 70s is on another whole level.

  23. peppermint Patty, now half the lesbian she would be, has dragged Charlie Brown to the carnival to cheer him up, but he hates everything. Snoopy and Woodstock were last seen camping in a tree. it took Woodstock twice as long to build a nest as it did for him to build a raft, which seems wrong

  24. I need to find government conspiracies on this shooting to say it was done by the government to distract us from kneeling during the anthem.

    1. No all the shootings under Obama were false flags to take your guns. Under Trump, praise be upon him, they are just… idk

  25. Snoopy has went back to Charlie Brown to say goodbye and they are throwing him a going away party so he can go live with the girl that owned him first. Snoopy is sad, Schroeder gives a present and is obviously Snoopy’s only friend oddly enough

  26. Damn. The girl I know who knew someone that got shot in Vegas said the bullet went through the girl’s shoulder, through the lung and got lodged in her back. No spinal damage, but she’ll be held up with a collapsed lung for a few days.

  27. Let’s all pray for Vegas to an entity that supposedly pays attention to us, cares about us, loves us, and with whom we can have a personal relationship….as that same entity watches innocent people just watching a fucking concert get rained down with bullets for apparently zero reason.

    Because that should do something.

    He’s been really good at tangibly helping people in the past.

  28. Snoopy come home-not awful, the girl doesn’t die, she just can’t have dogs in her apartment and she has a cat……everyone does come off like jerks except for her. Had she died…….well that might have been better. What an odd story though

  29. I confess, I was just irresponsibly perpetuating a bad bit. I assumed that you would all get it because I was only here for like 8 minutes this weekend and I saw it mentioned a couple of times.

    To my knowledge, Kenny has not yet transitioned.

  30. I took my boys to see Toy Story 3 and I was desperately trying to fight back tears. I’ll never watch that again. At least not around people

        1. Woody ends up in a collector’s house with toys based on a kids’ show about him from the 50’s. The cowgirl toy was basically thrown away by the girl who owned her, and there’s this really sad song in a montage about it. It’s….very emotional.

      1. My boys didn’t cry. I don’t think they were old enough to grasp it all to that level that an adult would. They were 9 and 10 or something like that

  31. When people are commenting away and they look up at the sign that says Don’t Forget, You’re Here Forever and they’ve modified it so it says Do It For TatR…. that gets me every time

          1. Not at all I just thing this rumor is funny and so did Kendra when I texted her this weekend.

            I don’t know why I’m doing it here though it’s supposed to be for the BoD

          1. we need heroes like the lone ranger
            when tonto came pronto, when there was danger
            they didn’t say they’d be there in half an hour!
            cos they possessed: turtle power

  32. I got a spinach omelette for breakfast. My wife got onions rings and mozzarella sticks. She’s 15. And really super high apparently.

    1. My wife teases me when she says I have the appetite of a five year old for liking pizza and chicken tenders too much
      “Yeah, says the person with a Hello Kitty backpack!”

  33. “Look at this bible I bought, 15 bucks! And talk about a preachy book! Everyone’s a sinner!…..except for this guy.”

  34. I’m reading all the comments under this new Pastor Hope apology. I think things would be much better if people just fought each other and got it over with.

  35. Just heard about the CBS lawyer comments on all this………….A. you are a gross person to be so wrapped up in your politics to be this bad of a human being. B. How do you think you are going to keep your job with an in the public eye corporation like CBS by saying such bullshit on facebook

          1. Its one thing to be this much of an asshole.. or as I said just so wrapped up in your politics to look at this who think otherwise as non people

            its so much more to be so open about it

  36. I shouldn’t have started looking at stuff. Now I’m seeing people jumping on Jason Aldean for being a coward and running from the stage…………..everyone is such a bad ass on the internet

      1. yeah… the guy on stage with all kinds of speaker blowing music back to him and lights shining in his face knows what’s going on better than anyone else…. he was probably told by a stage hand to get the fuck out of there

        1. “Do you know who Dimebag Darrell was? Remember what happened to him? This is 1000x worse, get the fuck out!!”

          1. Elvis would have thrust his pelvis, killed the shooter through metaphysical sexual prowess, while impregnating the first row. I swear these millennial singers are the biggest pussies in history.

    1. I would expect him in his capacity as an entertainer in a raised, exposed position, with bullets flying from an unknown location to..

      I can’t recall where I was going with this but I hope he got to safety.

      1. Everyone around, love them, love them
        Put it in your hands, take it, take it
        There’s no time to cry, happy, happy
        Put it in your heart where tomorrow shines

  37. The tickets for NYCC my friend was offering went from $250 for two days to $150, PLUS special access to the Gotham by Gaslight panel AND the world premiere of Batman vs. Two Face, Adam West’s last Batman project.

    Done fucking deal.

  38. My dad who is retired law enforcement is wondering why no one noticed this guy having all these rifles or bringing them in.

    1. His angle is already live. He’s reporting that they found a bunch of “anti-fa propaganda” in the shooters house so actually they’re a lefty

    1. Speaking of which, I saw a shirt of George Costanza but in the style of the Danzig skull that says “Costanzig” at the top

  39. Damn, the chick from the B-52’s is a fox in the Shiny Happy People music video. She was like 40 something when this was filmed!

  40. Every attempt to get a hold of Adobe Support asks me to enter an Adobe ID…….the same thing it asks me to do on my recently downloaded software..which i need to get rid of

    1. Definitely more people were able to get one this time around. Gotta give Nintendo some credit. I got one on launch night at a Walmart. I had to stand in line for a few hours, but not nearly as frustrating as NES Classics

  41. I don’t like watching my wife go into the doctors I always feel like she’s not coming back like that time at the vet they put my dog down.

  42. Been in a meeting, just got back out, reading more info about that shooter in Las Vegas. I think I mentioned this on the BoD, but I had a guess maybe it was just a guy who gambled away all his money and decided to just go out in a blaze. Turns out that may not be far from the truth.

    1. That sucks. I hope he won’t back down.

      You can send him down to the gates of hell, but he won’t back down.

  43. UPDATE: We’re told after Petty got to the hospital he had no brain activity and a decision was made to pull life support…………….mf’er

          1. The Gorge Ampitheater is great for naps.

            I’m going to try to keep this news away from the wife as long as possible lol

      1. They’re pretty good for this type stuff because they’re bottom feeders and run with things before other orgs would

  44. Dang that sucks about Tom Petty. Never listened to a ton of his music but I knew the hits and Travelling Wilburys and enjoyed them all the way around.

  45. Favorite Tom Petty songs:
    The Waiting
    Free Fallin’
    Learning to Fly
    Don’t Do Me Like That
    American Girl

  46. Favourite Tom Petty Songs:

    “The Waiting”
    “King’s Highway”
    “Into the Great Wide Open”
    “Zombie Zoo”
    “Jamming Me”
    “Change the Locks”
    “Girl On LSD”
    “American Girl”

  47. “Refugee”

    We got somethin’, we both know it, we don’t talk too much about it
    Ain’t no real big secret, all the same, somehow we get around it
    Listen, it don’t really matter to me baby
    You believe what you want to believe, you see

    You don’t have to live like a refugee
    (Don’t have to live like a refugee)

    Somewhere, somehow, somebody must have kicked you around some
    Tell me why you want to lay there, revel in your abandon
    Honey, it don’t make no difference to me baby
    Everybody has to fight to be free, you see

    You don’t have to live like a refugee
    (Don’t have to live like a refugee)
    No baby you don’t have to live like a refugee
    (Don’t have to live like a refugee)

    Baby we ain’t the first
    I’m sure a lot of other lovers been burned
    Right now it seems real to you, but it’s
    One of those things you gotta feel to be true

    Somewhere, somehow, somebody must have kicked you around some
    Who knows maybe you were kidnapped tied up,
    Taken away and held for ransom
    Honey, it don’t make no difference to me, baby
    Everybody has to fight to be free, you see

      1. It’s very likely we’ll keep playing, but will we take on 50 shows in one tour? I don’t think so. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was thinking this might be the last big one. We’re all on the backside of our sixties. I have a granddaughter now I’d like to see as much as I can. I don’t want to spend my life on the road. This tour will take me away for four months. With a little kid, that’s a lot of time.

  48. Florida produced some pretty good rock music: Tom Petty, The Allman Brothers Band, The Outlaws, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, Blackfoot and 38 Special.

  49. I think the first time I remember seeing Tom Petty was the video for “Don’t Come Around Here No More”.

    1. You take the good
      You take the bad
      You take them both and there you have
      The facts of life
      The facts of life

      When the world never seems
      To be living up to your dreams
      Then suddenly you’re finding out
      The facts of life are all about you

      When there’s someone that you care about
      It really isn’t fair
      They’re out to slow you up
      When you’re growing up

      When you let them flirt
      And then you hurt
      A waiting when your date is late in showing up
      Then you’re growin’ up

      When it’s more than just the birds and the bees
      You need someone telling you please
      There’s only one conclusion
      There will always be confusion over you
      It takes a lot to get ’em right
      When you’re learning the facts of life

      You’ll avoid a lot of damage
      And enjoy the fun of managing
      The facts of life
      They shed a lot of light

      If you hear ’em from your brother
      Better clear ’em with your mother
      Better get ’em right
      Call her late at night

      You got the future in the palm of your hand
      All you gotta do to get you through is understand
      You think you’d rather do with out
      You’ll never muddle through
      Without the truth
      The facts of life are all about you

  50. I just discovered a YouTube series called Man At Arms where the swordssmiths and machinists actually create fictional weapons


    Here’s one where they create a weapon from RWBY


  51. I never even heard of Tom Petty until his song Learning to Fly was the theme song of the first Bulls championship video. I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for that.

  52. I have to work until 7:30? for a FAFSA Night so I am trying to lighten my mood by making those stupid Tom Bosley jokes on the BOD.

          1. I’ll go out to the porch for the night probably. Hell I may turn on Raw I’d rather hear THAT lol

      1. Yep it’s in the kitchen far from her lol

        I’m stunned her sister didn’t text immediately maybe she doesn’t know yet either

          1. Mine will be too. It will be super stupid and loud and eventually she’ll turn her sorrow into being angry at me because I don’t like this guy at all lol it’s going to be a fun evening

        1. I mean, I was in my car and sitting in traffic and got a notification, like how I get a good chunk of my news before 5:30. It’s also how I inform people at work of a good chunk of news AFTER 5:30.

          Seriously, how is this place still in business.

          1. My wife asked me why I have not left her yet yesterday.

            I told her it’s because I enjoy torturing you.

            She laughed and when I said I am dead serious she laughed harder.

            So I get Marv

  53. Tom Petty was fine with me. Like, he isn’t one of my favorite artists but I might list to his music when the song came on the radio.

    1. In truth I don’t viscerally hate him like some other acts I’m forced to endure. I just don’t think he’s very good. And I’m scared of having to listen to it for six straight hours.

        1. And then I’ll inevitably do my own version about how “This song’s got THREEEEEEE……THREEEE CHOOOOOORDS” and she’ll be mad again.

          I mean there’s just no way this fucker dying is going to be good for me lol

  54. Local news: “Tom Petty’s clinging to life in the hospital.” Ends with “He was just 66 years old”. So past tensing someone still alive according to them. Top notch news agency

  55. So tomorrow TaTR and I are going to talk for an hour about this horrible podcast we watch. This weeks episode was particularly dreadful lol

      1. Yeah it’s going to be really bad, and Waltman was a guest this week so it has the bonus awful of being wrestling related too!

  56. Ooooof this is incredibly uncomfortable, Jim Norton is doing his retarded Chip character to a bunch of women in LA that don’t understand its a bit.