Geekery Saturday – September 30

Another week of news has come and gone. As we close out September, let’s take a look at what’s happened over the last few days.

• Hot on the heels of the SNES Classic’s release to scalpers yesterday comes news that we’ll be getting another retro system next year, but this time Nintendo has nothing to do with it. The C64 mini – a new system based on the classic Commodore 64 system – will feature 64 games and a classic style joystick. The system’s website has 37 games listed right now, with more to come.

• Long-time Dark Horse editor Scott Allie has stepped down from the company to become a freelancer, according to a report on rumor site Bleeding Cool. The editor, who started in 1994 editing Hellboy, was responsible for shepherding Joss Whedon’s extended Buffy comics through the company and served as editor-in-chief from 2012-2015. He stepped down to the title of executive senior editor after allegations of sexual misconduct came to light.

• Billy Zane, best known for being Billy Zane in Titanic and The Phantom, will do it one more time, this time at legendary huckster PT Barnum on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. If anyone would take advantage of weird anachronisms running around the world. it would be PT Barnum.

As an aside, for an hysterical refresher on Barnum’s life, take a listen to episode 291 of THE DOLLOP podcast, where comedians Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds discuss all the crazy things the man did. Definitely worth a listen.

• Finally, Lynda Carter, who played Wonder Woman in the 1970s TV show, has decided to weigh in on James Cameron’s opinions about whether the movie WONDER WOMAN was “groundbreaking” or if it was a step back for female characters on the big screen. Yesterday, she posted this to her Facebook page:

To James Cameron -STOP dissing WW: You poor soul. Perhaps you do not understand the character. I most certainly do. Like all women–we are more than the sum of our parts. Your thuggish jabs at a brilliant director, Patty Jenkins, are ill advised. This movie was spot on. Gal Gadot was great. I know, Mr. Cameron–because I have embodied this character for more than 40 years. So–STOP IT.

What will you be talking about today?


575 thoughts on “Geekery Saturday – September 30”

    1. And she’s being told by Democrats to be nasty to Trump.

      I… I legitimately fucking despise our president. Dubya may have been a piece of human garbage but at least he didn’t lash out and insult world leaders like an 8-year-old

      1. Even calling W. a piece of human garbage was excessive when viewed through the lens of El Presidente Trump. At this point, he’s a dude I disagreed with on policy terms, but overall was nowhere near the shitty human being that this guy is.

      1. I think he’s fireproof by this point. How many groups has he gone after the past year+ and still ticking along mid-40’s approval rating? Stupid and/or selfish white people have done in the country

  1. Gonna party like it’s my birthday!
    Gonna sip Bacardi like it’s my birthday!

    But it actually is my birthday. So yeah.

  2. If you are on the instagram the #puberme thing Nick Kroll and Colbert have going on to raise money for Puerto Rico is pretty great. Everyone is posting their awkward puberty years pics

  3. Female teacher, 25, gets prison for ‘sexual contact’ with boy while watching ‘Deadpool…. Unless Wisconsin laws are SUPER specific, weird author chose to highlight Deadpool in the headline

    1. I will say that storyline (particularly when he puts together the campaign rally for Leslie) is a point where Tommy goes from annoying (and funny) but likeable to unlikeable.

  4. been productive so far ran 7 miles went to the library, got lunch. bought some other stuff am over 15500 steps today. Going out to the store a little later but other than that ready to be super lazy from here

        1. When we bought the house it didn’t have one, and after years of apartment living where I was the dishwasher, I made sure that was the first improvement that we did. I learned a lot about plumbing and carpentry as well!

    1. I hit the gym (started with 35 minutes on the treadmill doing the Alpine Pass program), went to the store, and got coffee. I’m at 10550 steps for the day

    2. I went to another soccer game and my kid had a full melty so I put him on my shoulders and carried him around for an hour. My shoulders are killing today’s workout is done.

      1. So far it’s been all Siegel and Shuster and Supes. Of course, they haven’t reached the 40s yet in the series. You should probably watch this sometime

  5. My friend wants me to make dough nuts at his party tonight. Knowing what I know about the usual bachelor kitchen, I’m going to go ahead and bring all the cooking and prep stuff with me.

  6. Yeah I guess my daughter is picking up superhero love from me. She’s going to be Supergirl for Halloween and she also loves Starfire and Wonder Woman. I have to get her into some Marvel characters.

  7. went to the Renaissance Fair this morning. Observations:

    1. so much boobage, some good, much bad.
    2. Kind of a meat market. I got looked up and down a couple times very obviously
    3. some of these people must spend thousands on this stuff
    4. place needs to ban furries. Perfectly good place with many dressed up in period costume, some (like me) in normal clothes. Don’t need 6 foot tall Pokemon costumes and guys in Tiger costumes. It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t know that these creepy folks get off sexually on dressing up

      1. I’m making an assumption that a lot of us rely on older people who know how to do and fix stuff to help us and when we are that generation the Rudo’s of the world will be much more in demand because there will be less of them

          1. I’m great at the tearing down.. lots of house renovation I have done and have spent hours and hours doing grunt work.. it’s the other half the… ok that’s done now lets do the part that will be final and it’s suppose to look nice afterwords that I’m like……..nope……that’s not going to be on me

          2. my change my own oil story is a disaster. after 4 trips to the auto part store it was finally determined that the oil change place put the filter on to tight to take off without what ever power tool they put it on with. I spent like 4 hours and about 8 pounds of sweat and didn’t even get it done……..and the kicker was Blanche’s old truck kicked the bucket before the next time I would have got to change the oil. This is standard procedure when i try and do something myself

    1. Here’s the kicker: I’m not much of a handyman AT ALL. Like, I can fix drywall and paint the fuck out of a house, but my area of expertise is tearing things down

      1. I have stuff to do an oil change, tire change, timing belt, carborator and tune up. But ever since we got our new car we added a couple of maintenance plans so we don’t have to worry about it

          1. no it’s like a little air compressor that plugs into your cig lighter…..actually I’m just assuming I have one I haven’t bothered to find it in the new car yet but the manual says it has it. The smart car had it and it was very handy for not having a compressor and not tossing quarters into a machine at the gas station the cold and trying to race around the car and get them all correct before time ran out

        1. Yeah my wife’s car still has warranties and stuff so it always goes into the dealer for tune ups and such but I’d never let anyone touch my pick up I trust nobody

    1. I just don’t have that kind of confidence. I had the original backwards compatible ps2. Blu Ray laser got slightly out of alignment. You could watch DVDs, surf the net, but games were spotty (would work for 2 or 3 weeks, then stop, then work again 2 weeks later). I found youtube videos on how to fix it but I ultimately just couldn’t do it. Put it on craigslist, sold it for 50 bucks to a 16 year old who was going to open it up and fix it. Wife bought me a new one.

      That’s my DIY skills in a nutshell

  8. ………….and 50 minutes to take off I’m officially in…I don’t want her to go I what if something goes wrong it’s a long flight.. bad stuff has been happening over there……

    ::pours a drink::

  9. Amazon reviews on the SNES Classic are getting frustrated with the low availability and the scalpers driving the price up. Let’s check out some of the reviews…

    From Samus Aran (probably not THE Samus… another one…):
    “Not about to pay these greedy mofos for this you all should be ashamed of your self asking this like really people have kids and family to put up money on the table I’m not a worthless Father to blow this type of money on a console that only costed 79.99 I hope you get punished and learn and think twice about this”

    (I wonder if this father knows Samus was a chick… Not that there’s anything wrong with that…)

      1. Capt Crunch says:

        “Nintendo sucks at making sure there’s enough supply for their fans. But all the scalpers got their 2 and 4 Super NES classics to resale at 3 times the price. From there Amiibos to the switch and now the Classic mini consoles… i don’t have time to camp outside the big box stores, I can’t be in line at 4am, I’m not going to drive from store to store in hopes of buying anymore Nintendo products. Awaiting a new Nintendo release is just not fun anymore. I hope the supply situation gets better but I doubt it. I don’t know, perhaps after the WiiU flopped so badly Nintendo enjoys being and probably needed to be the subject of this kind of “hot commodity”, “hard to find item” press.

        P.S if you buy the SNES mini at crazy scalper-prices… you’re part of the problem.”

    1. “I’m continuously annoyed with scalpers. Nintendo damn well knows they have a generation at their finger tips. Our generation of NES and SNES owners MADE gaming and we all know it. For those that are willing to pay more than retail for this should check their pulse. Buy a wii or switch for less and download all the games that defined our childhood. Nostalgia is not worth it. Unless you have so much disposable income it doesn’t matter. If that’s the case then I will give you the side eye of infinite envy.”

    2. This might be my favorite…

      “the super nes classic is an $80 proprietary computer that comes with only 21 games built into the system, with no additional expansion or upgrade capability. you can play all of these games on the computer that you already own, the one that you are probably reading this review on.

      if you don’t own a computer and you’re reading this on a phone or a tablet, buy a computer. do NOT buy a raspberry pi. you will see many people recommending that as an alternative, but it is a much less functional computer that requires a lot of additional work to assemble and set up. buy a desktop computer running microsoft windows. you don’t need an expensive one. you can get one for about $200 that will play every super nintendo game flawlessly, as well as literally thousands of other games, many of them for free. you will need a $10 keyboard and a $10 mouse, and you can connect it to the TV you already own with an HDMI cable. if you want to play platform games like “super mario brothers” then it is advisable to get a game controller, which you can also obtain for about 10 dollars.

      with this computer you can not only play thousands of video games, you can also make your own. there are amazing free tools available for windows-based computers that will allow you to create your own games like super mario brothers, final fantasy, donkey kong, and more. you can also use it to communicate more easily with your friends by typing on a physical keyboard instead of a touch screen. you can obtain optional hardware peripherals that allow you to do things like record video, record audio, create music, program small robots, and even create your own physical plastic objects.

      the snes classic can’t do any of these things. it is a proprietary computer that does not allow you to use the hardware to do anything except play the small handful of games built into the system. therefore, i must regrettably give this product one out of five stars, but i give the personal computer five out of five. if you don’t have one, get one immediately. it’s never been a better time to own a computer.”

        1. No matter how many consoles these people buy they’re never going to be young again and they’ll always be alone lol

          And yes I was thinking of Mar Solo when writing this

          1. I mean if someone wants to buy one of these fin and have fun but…. Nintendo has said they are making more right? so this is jsut people that are OMG I NEED THIS THING THAT PLAYS 20 YEAR OLD GAMES NOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHH

          2. It’s been more than a decade now of Nintendo either short-selling demand or purposely making less supply to make the product seem hotter. And Marv’s right, people KEEP FALLING FOR IT.

            There’s no reason for the SNES Classic to be in short supply. Like one of the cranky Amazon commenters said, it’s literally a plastic box with a chip inside.

            But knowing this is a problem, retailers seem to have purposely made it difficult to preorder the thing. I signed up for notices for preorder from Toys R Us, Best Buy and Amazon, and not a one of them let me know when they went live.

  10. The retro systems are a sort of fun idea. I’d totally sit and play with The Boy and get a kick out of the nostalgia. But in no universe is that worth multiple hundreds of dollars. I already have basically every game made for every system of my childhood via emulator that I never play.

  11. I have no idea what to do tonight I was resisting pizza but don’t want my left over pad thai tonight. I bought stuff for a little living room picnic.. because I’m a classy girl who likes to treat herself once in awhile but that seems more of a lunch thing and was thinking of doing that tomorrow… I was also thinking of doing beer and wings for football tomorrow..but I could do that for the night game………what are the games tomorrow ::goes and looks jesus.we are the night game tomorrow…….yeah wings and lots of beer will be needed for that.. So I guess I’ll do all that stuff tomorrow since there is a morning game.. I can do brunch!……..still don’t know what to do tonight and am starting to think I should not be typing out every thing that is going through my head because it is getting long and I’ve confessed to having a lonely brunch for one tomorrow….

  12. I’m not enraged or anything but I find it interesting that the female ghostbusters flopped but hollywood continues the all female version of stuff with guys like that lord of the flies thing …others I can’t think of right now and now The Nice Girls

  13. I mean I’m fine with more female stuff out there and things like Hunger Games, Wonder Woman and so on have proved there is an audience for strong female properties but just taking dude stuff and recasting it with women hasn’t been proven to work yet. I would be fine with a Nice Guys show…even a female version of it if Shane Black was involved but evidently he isn’t really and it’s just Joel Silver.. who has already taken the Shane Black wrote Lethal Weapon and made a mediocre tv show so……..I would imagine this will be Lethal Weapon tv show but with chicks

    1. I wonder if those shows have creator credits. Like is some guy getting paid for “creating” the concept of “let’s put Lethal Weapon on TV?”

      1. I think it was easier last time because I dropped her off at the air port went to work and then like 2 hours later she was in the air…this time we said goodbye like 25 hours ago and she is just getting ready to take off

  14. We need another huge book series like Harry Potter so that hollywood will spend the next decade buying ever book series in existence to try and turn into movies…it’s at least more promising than reboots and re imaginings

      1. Like I’ll take 10 terrible books to movies if we get another Potter and Hunger Games out of it. It’s better than another 10 Transformers and Pirate movies or Total Recall, point break, Flat liner reboots

  15. So this family is weird. Well, the mom is fucking weird. I’ve long ago given up judging other people’s parenting skills because being better than everyone at this is just my lot in life but this lady is fucking strange and deserves scorn.

    So earlier the three kids are playing house in the playroom and my son picks up a plastic fork and tells the daughter he’s going to comb her hair and starts running it through her pony tail and she goes ape shit. Whatevs, she doesn’t want it in her hair, no big deal. Well I come to find out her real panic was the forks aren’t for combing they’re for eating and according to her mom things are supposed to be used for what they were made for. I mean it was weird she repeated this to me like a robot. So I ask the mom and she confirms she does not allow her children to pretend things are other things, stuff has a use and that’s the only thing they should be used for even in play time. I, of course, respond with some shit about how imagination and creativity is kind of the whole fucking point of childhood so now I’m the asshole but really, what a fucking terrible way to raise your kids.

          1. I really like the guy, and his kids are great if a little annoyingly spoiled. I feel bad for him he’s been completely defeated by this woman

      1. That is literally on a flyer in our break trailer at work as a reminder that we need to practice good housekeeping on site.

    1. I have no children; we all know this. However, stifling your child’s imagination because “things can only be used as those things” is stultifying to the highest degree.

      1. The way the daughter rattled it off you could tell this has been a thing mom has been repeating her entire life. I wanted to call a cop.

  16. And Edna jokingly asked how I felt about moving over here and I not at all jokingly responded that since I don’t work it was going to be real hell for her to get any child support

          1. I was supposed to start like four days after I got back from the trip. I just couldn’t get my shit together. It’s been a month and I still don’t feel right waking up in the same city every day lol

  17. Oh and I smashed my phone last night so I’m talking to you guys through a spiderweb

    I swear to god I’m finally making the switch over to a droid this time I swear I swear I swear

      1. I definitely need something with a better camera every photo I take looks like ass compared to the stuff I see taken on Droids.

        Though that 8 seems to have a pretty good cam on it, thanks Apple that only took a decade

        1. Oh my God, I’m taking the best photos on my life with this 8 Plus. The 8 doesn’t have the same portrait capabilities, though, so if you want the really nice camera, you’ve gotta get the phone that’s half the size of your head.

  18. I detest phone shopping. There are way too many options and versions and sizes and shit and I just get frustrated and end up yelling “Whatever just give me whatever’s the cheapest iPhone I must exit this place right now!”

  19. I’m going to be super sly about this and just post on the BoD: “Hey that Kenny guy huh I can’t believe he’s transitioning”

  20. Whatever. Until you’ve heard your wife yell racial slurs for three straight minutes for no reason you can’t understand how both hot and hilarious it is.

          1. Yeah the same range that has Mt St Helens and Rainier and all that splits the state. West side is all tech and coffe and douchebags like me, the east side is SUPER rural and all farm labor and Mexicans and dudes that literally rope cattle. The two sides detest each other of course.

          2. Yeah it’s funny in the towns in the flatlands with lots of hand picked product (like asparagus) it’s like 85% Hispanic populations.

          3. The Central Valley in Northern California is garbage like Redding and Yreka. Then you go further east to more mountains and towns with 40 people living there

  21. Saw the twin of Marv’s avatar last night. Wearing lederhosen and doing that Bavarian dance with lots of slapping knees.

  22. It feels like it has been ages since the most recent season of Sunny. Turns out it has only been 6 months. But the next season is delayed because everyone is doing other stuff. Howerton has a pilot, Olson has the Mick, Charlie does movies and Mac has a show in development too. It’s already renewed for two more seasons but it seems like everyone is inching towards moving on.

  23. Almost all the slats have cuts on the corners at 45 degree angles but someone has replaced a few with just squared off slats when they broke

    1. Gutters only around this patio that I’m sitting at, nowhere else. And the spouts stop at the roof, metal tubing probably 3.5 inch

    1. After spending all day at the fair, I’m going to watch Clemson/Virginia Tech until I likely fall asleep some time in the second half.

        1. “Dear Steve,

          Can we agree that Superman is pretty much the John Cena of comics? I mean, it’s been nearly 80 years and he always wins and COME ON HE DIED AND THEN THEY BROUGHT HIM BACK. How would you rebook Crisis On Infinite Earths?”

  24. 2009 is probably the closest year to 2016 for celebrities dying: Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Patrick Swayze, Billy Mays, Natasha Richardson, David Carradine.

  25. Watching Gerald’s Game. Enough of the book’s faded from memory that some of it should still surprise. Hoping they skip a scene from book that made me nauseous at the time

          1. Although… it would be great if, when Indeed gets his posting going, he just stole all your news bits and made a thread out of them.

            I’m gonna suggest that to him.

            And what is that sad face doing? Is that drool? Dude…

  26. Saw a video on OutsideXBox today analyzing the new Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer.

    It REALLY makes me wanna start up a new game of RDR, but that requires hooking up my 360 and lol fuck that

          1. I didn’t realize he was gone but then again I ain’t been paying too much attention to these places as of late.

          2. Nah. I have nothing to contribute to anything and while popular belief would say “that’s never stopped you before” I got tired of talking about nothing.

          3. This place is fine. It’s not full of trolls and people trying to change pointless wrestling events like putting the belt on Lex Luger in 1994 would have prevented 9/11 or some shit.

          4. It is kind of weird when the snoopy shit went down he seemed unaffected and everyone seemed to move on after a few days but then eventually he seemed to disappear. Like I said someone said he was busy with classes or something

  27. Easily one of my favorite quotes from The Simpsons:
    “Now this place you were at, Moe’s, is this a business of some sorts?
    Don’t tell him you were at a bar. But what else is open at night?
    It’s a pornography store. I was buying pornography.
    Heh, heh, heh, I would never have thought of that.”

  28. I wish I could think about She Hulk without my mind immediately going to Chyna.

    Stupid porn ads. I don’t wanna see an Avengers parody….and why is she even there!? She Hulk ain’t in the movie!!

  29. Netflix not getting Gerald’s Game out in time for the eclipse seems a wasted opportunity. (Semi-big plot point involved the main character and an eclipse)

      1. Now that I’m watching it, remembering I didn’t care much for the story. But it seems to be a pretty faithful adaptation and Gugino’s putting her all into a not much of a character

      1. I was going to say
        God: pick a door Monty
        Hall: Door 2
        God: oh.. sorry you got Zonked… it’s hitler on a giant rocking horse … haha better luck next time.. off to hell with you

  30. It bothers me when sports teams do their Spanish/Latino heritage nights and just put “Los” in front of the team name. Why not actually use the Spanish word?

  31. Hi, my name is Aaron.

    BLUF: I like and miss the people I don’t get to see on the BoD.

    I don’t expect anyone to like me if they didn’t before. I was mean, I was dismissive, I was wrong. I am dealing with depression and doing my best. I don’t want to use that as an excuse. If you don’t want me here, tell me.

    I am making a concerted effort to be positive and less political. I’m sorry for my words. The last several months have hurt me. I don’t expect any forgiveness.

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