Song of the Week: Wye Oak – “Spitting Image”

Serene, rhythmic and elevated with a guest choir.

Wye Oak doesn’t just make songs that launch you into the atmosphere – it feels like the band lives there and draw everything towards it, like a gravity well among the clouds. Their music has constantly evolved in its approach and style over the years, and their new EP, No Horizon, is no exception. Among those new songs is “Spitting Image,” a piece that matches their intricate instrumentation with stunning harmonies.

Joining Jenn Wasner’s strong vocals on the track is a performance by the Brooklyn Youth Chorus, bringing a beautiful presence to the layers of percussion and electronic touches that build throughout the song. As it moves forward, Wasner and the choir’s vocals become more intertwined, both trading off and singing together. It’s a wonderful addition to an already magical performance that will keeping you floating above the ground every time you listen.

No Horizon is out now via Merge Records.