Batman/Superman 10

World’s Finest against a super smart albino gorilla!

An old enemy seeks revenge on the Man of Steel, Gotham takes a beating and the Caped Crusader may lose his head.

Batman/Superman 10
Written by Joshua Williamson
Pencils and Inks by Clayton Henry
Colors by Alejandro Sanchez

The latest incarnation of the World’s Finest pairing hasn’t really lived up to the promise of epic stories that pit the duo against cosmic-level threats. But then again, everything happening in the DC Universe right now is a cosmic-level threat, so maybe a little down-to-Earth action featuring the publisher’s biggest characters isn’t the worst thing in the world.

After all, when one of the oldest villains in the company’s history comes back with eyes on taking out Superman – along with pieces of Gotham City – it can be a pretty big deal.

The Ultra-Humanite – a character that first appeared in 1939 – was the first superpowered villain that Superman faced in the pages of Action Comics. A genius-level intellect in the body of an albino gorilla, the Ultra-Humanite is looking for revenge on Superman. His plot kicks off by taking over the mind of former-villain-turned-cop Atomic Skull and blowing him to bits, taking a few blocks worth of Gotham City along with him.

And as the Ultra-Humanite’s plot thickens, he manages to capture Batman and put him in a bad situation, too.The next issue could prove pretty eventful for the Dark Knight. He may need one of those cloned bodies Scott Snyder introduced during his Batman run.