Song of the Week: Julia Stone – “Break”

A brilliantly odd track that will nevertheless get you dancing.

It’s difficult to find the balance between accessibility and experimentation, especially for dance music. If you lean too hard into accessibility, you can come off as generic; too far into experimentation and it’ll be difficult to set the dance floor alight.

Julia Stone walks that tightrope effortlessly on “Break,” her first solo song in eight years.

Co-produced by St. Vincent and Doveman, the tune starts with a bit of a spoken-word vibe, with a solid beat and touches of brass. But when the earworm chorus hits, it truly comes alive, her voice elevating alongside the addictive groove. Stone’s vocal performance slides unusually between the notes, reaching different pitches and inflections throughout, but she never loses track of the rhythm. Plus, that sharp guitar at the end? Perfectly-placed.

“Break” is out now.