Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Willow 1

Willow goes off on her own

Sunnydale’s most famous Wicca goes off on an adventure of her own.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Willow 1
Written by Mariko Tamaki
Art by Natacha Bustos and Eleonora Bruni

One of the best parts of the BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER TV series was watching the growth of Willow Rosenberg over the show’s seven seasons. As Willow discovered magic and the role it plays in her life, she went from a sidekick without a lot of defining characteristics in season 1 to the Big Bad of Season 6 before finally seeking redemption in the final season. Willow’s journey was one of the most compelling aspects of the series, and her personal growth resonated so well with so many people.

In the universe of the new BOOM! Studios comic book series, Willow Rosenberg started in a much different position than she did in the TV show, having already taken on some of the other version’s more defining characteristics. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for character development. The main series has managed to give everyone an adventure of their own, and with this new series from writer Mariko Tamaki, Willow gets some more time to shine.

Having left Sunnydale after the HELLMOUTH crossover, where she faced a choice of nearly dying or letting her best friend Xander go full vampire, Willow is off to find out who she really is and the potential she has within her. When her study abroad in England ended, she came back to California, but decided against going back to Sunnydale. Her England trip may have been a bust when it came to finding more Wiccans, but this journey is already turning out to be more fruitful. And that means Willow’s life is probably at risk and maybe an apocalypse on the horizon.

There’s always an apocalypse on the horizon in the Buffyverse. Sometimes, there’s several.

Much like the companion ANGEL series from BOOM!, the new Willow series seems primed to set up and advance Buffy’s next big challenge. We’ve seen teases of a Buffy MULTIVERSE already, and the first issue gives some more glimpses of what could be and what may yet come to pass.

The build-up to these adventures is always fun, and I’m looking forward to how Willow sets up the next chapter in this nascent corner of the Buffyverse.