Batman: The Adventures Continue 7

Batman welcomes a new old ally.

Azrael makes his animated-style debut, teaming with the Dark Knight Detective to track down a thief.

Batman: The Adventures Continue 7
Written by Alan Burnett and Paul Dini
Pencils and Inks by Ty Templeton
Colors by Monica Kubina

Jean-Paul Valley, the vigilante known as Azrael, was introduced around the same time that Batman: The Animated Series was becoming a cartoon phenomenon. But even though Azrael eventually took over in the comics as Batman while Bruce Wayne was recovering from a broken back, the character never made it into the animated series. It’s a shame, because Paul Dini and Bruce Timm, if given the opportunity with Valley’s origins, could have told an amazing story even without making him Gotham City’s protector.

All these years later, though, Dini and Alan Burnett are getting the chance to bring Azrael into the Animated world with the latest arc of BATMAN: THE ADVENTURES CONTINUE. As expected, Jean-Paul Valley fits in so well.

Playing with Azrael’s history as the avenging angel for the Order of St. Dumas allows for a great story as Valley is looking to repossess an artifact that had been stolen from the order by Catwoman. She was hired by the Penguin, who was acting as the middleman for the whole operation, so all of the animated adventures’ greatest characters are thrown in to this opening chapter.

As a bonus, Azrael goes from his red costume to the more recognizable AzBats suit, paying homage to the character’s history and his legacy within the Batman mythos.

A little bit of Azrael goes a long way, and using him for an arc should satisfy anyone who would have liked to see him in the Animated universe. Dini and Burnett have such a great feel for the Batman universe and how to make them work within the parameters of the classic series, and I’m looking forward to seeing where this story goes.