Some character advancement as Angel and the gang continue on their latest adventure.

Angel & Spike 11
Written by Bryan Edward Hill
Art by Gleb Meinikov and Gabriel Cassata

As the new continuity of the vampire with a soul continues, we get changes to characters that we thought we knew from the original SERIES. The latest issue of ANGEL & SPIKE didn’t really put any focus on the titular vampires. Instead, it provided some insight on some of the series supporting characters.

There are similarities to the original iterations of these characters, but the changes to the canon may make for a more interesting story than the one we know.

As Lilah Morgan continues to bring Winifred Burkle into the embrace of Baphomet, it forces an internal struggle and pathos that Fred lacked in her first incarnation. It really wasn’t until she was possessed by the demon Illyria in the FIFTH season that she did anything even remotely interesting. Lilah’s connection to Baphomet – along with evil law firm Wolfram & Hart – is another nice twist that gives her more to do than just plot on ways to bring Angel down.

Another character that writer Bryan Edward Hill is giving new life to is LAPD Detective Kate Lockley, who served as the Scully to Angel’s Mulder in the first season. She’s playing the same role here, as she gets involved with Angel’s investigation into a demon who’s wreaking havoc on Los Angeles. But she’s much more willing to believe in the supernatural than her live-action counterpart.

Her eagerness to join in Angel’s fight might save her from a similar fate of being a one-dimensional character used to move the plot forward through her refusal to accept what’s in front of her.

The best part of the new version of Angel and his crew is the way Hill is completely rebuilding the underworld of Los Angeles and the people and demons that inhabit it. He’s already done a great job with rehabilitating these three and I can’t wait to see where Hill takes this.