Song of the Week: Oceanator – “A Crack in the World”

Trying to stay positive even as things fall apart.

Musician Elise Okusami has been bubbling up in the New York scene over the last couple of years under the guise of Oceanator. Now, as she preps to release her debut album this summer, she’s released the grungy, catchy rocker, “A Crack in the World.” As the world feels to be spiraling out of control, Okusami focuses on the little everyday pleasures of life, such as “hot tea on a cold fall day/and dressing up for Halloween.”

You can hear that effort towards positivity through her uplifting, glass half-full chorus of “It’s not what you wanted, but it’ll do.” There may not be a more relatable year to that statement than 2020. Plus, it’s made for headbanging and has a cool switch towards the end where the tempo drops and the guitar start to stretch like distorted molasses.

Oceanator’s debut album, Things I Never Said, is out on Aug. 28 via Plastic Miracles.