Finally, the team comes together (again!) and questions are answered! And more questions are posed!

Young Justice 15
Written by Brian Michael Bendis and David F. Walker
Pencils and Inks by Scott Godlewski and John Timms
Colors by Gabe Eltaeb

This was the issue I’ve been waiting for since Young Justice’s return was announced. We’ve spent 15 issues with the core members of the team reuniting and being torn apart. It’s honestly been a little frustrating, as I’ve been excited to see the new adventures of old friends who’d finally come back together after years apart.

But the latest issue of YOUNG JUSTICE was everything I needed from this series.

With Superboy back from his adventure in Skartaris with the Warlord and confronting the doctor from STAR Labs who sent him to Gemworld, it looked like Conner Kent was about to tap into the Luther side when Tim Drake, Wonder Girl, Impulse and basically every young hero in the DC Comics universe showed up. It was incredibly cathartic and, to be perfectly honest, the perfect opportunity for some classic Brian Bendis exposition.

Superboy’s return has set up a lot of questions, and they’ve even spilled over into the latest issue of ACTION COMICS – another great issue, by the way. It’s a little weird that the crises that the DC Comics universe have gone through and the changes they’ve caused are being acknowledged by the characters living it. It’s a bit of a Bendis-specific touch that makes it all weird and wonderful.

While we got a lot of “good enough for comic book” style answers to explain why certain people remember Conner and others don’t, Superboy still has some questions about what happened to Impulse, which we’ll surely be getting to next issue. But before that, we can revel in the reunion of one of my favorite comic book teams in a new era, with a lot of new members.

Hopefully, we get some new and improved YOUNG JUSTICE hi-jinx as we move forward, but whatever Bendis does, we have such a great issue that brought the new, expanded team together and honored the history of everything that came before.