Song of the Week: Guerilla Toss – “Human Girl”

Wonderfully weird and danceable.

You never know what you’re going to get with a new Guerilla Toss tune. It’ll be odd and brilliant, but that’s about all you can guarantee. For their new track, “Human Girl,” the experimental New York group has pulled away from their noisy roots. Instead, they’re getting funky and dancing the night away with their best 80s sheen.

The song glides along with staccato synths that brings to mind Bowie’s “Let’s Dance.” But it’s also got creative, wild percussion, touches of off-kilter guitar work, chords that ride along with their own deep rhythm and an ecstatic, bouncy chorus. It almost sounds like multiple songs stitched together but works far better than you would ever expect. It’s a thrillingly fun song made for a rock club or the disco.

“Human Girl” is out now.