This Week’s Comics – June 17

Hey kids, it’s new comic book day!

The next big DC Comics event starts this week and I get suckered in AGAIN! And there’s a LOT of Superman!

Scott Snyder’s sequel to 2017’s DARK NIGHTS: METAL finally releases this week, and it’s got a lot of people excited. Even I picked it up, despite the fact that I dropped the METAL series after a couple of issues. Admittedly, I bought the series in a hardcover collection, and I loved it, proving my point that I think Snyder’s run on things works better in collected editions. But it was a pretty light week this week, so I’ll see what Snyder has planned for this more Wonder Woman-centric sequel.

We also get the first issue of Brian Bendis’ Superman since the coronavirus shut down the comic book industry. We also get the return of the digital MAN OF TOMORROW series after it took a couple of weeks off. And the Man of Steel plays a pretty big part in the latest issue of Young Justice, which will play off the recent issue of ACTION COMICS. It’s a pretty Super week, if you ask me.

Finally, DC Comics releases the second issue of STRANGE ADVENTURES, Tom King’s new deep dive into the life of Adam Strange. The first issue was phenomenal, but it’s been three months since it was released, so I may need to re-read it before I get into the second issue.

A full list of what’s available this week can be found at Previews’ website. Though, that won’t be true much longer, now that DC Comics will sever ties with Diamond. And, as usual, I am buying and downloading my comics from Comixology. If you want to find a physical store near you, though, check out the online Comic Shop Locator.

Let’s take a look at what I bought this week:

DC Comics
Dark Nights: Death Metal 1
The Flash Annual 3
Nightwing Annual 3
Strange Adventures 2
Superman 22
Young Justice 15

DC Digital Comics
Batman: Gotham Knights 9
DCeased: Hope at World’s End 3
The Flash: Fastest Man Alive 8
Superman: Man of Tomorrow 7
Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace 6

Michael Watson Comics
Ithaqa 2