One of the most groundbreaking series of the last 20 years gets a new miniseries as Wee Hughie faces a part of his past he’d thought he’d put behind him.

The Boys: Dear Becky 1
Written by Garth Ennis
Art by Russ Braun

Garth Ennis’ The Boys has been riding a new wave of awareness with the Amazon Prime SERIES, so it makes sense that Dynamite Comics would release a new miniseries to revisit the characters.

Considering the final nature of the last issue of the series in 2012, the idea that we would come back to how Wee Hughie is dealing with a world that used to be dominated by superheroes was exciting. Ennis created such a dynamic world of characters with a perverse sense of right and wrong, and when the series ended, it left a big hole in the comic book world. But bringing The Boys back is also a bit tricky, considering a good chunk of the main characters were killed off.

The new miniseries visits Hughie a decade after the events of the final issue. Hughie is in Scotland with Annie January – the former hero Starlight – when he gets a mysterious package. Inside the envelope is a diary, written by Billy Butcher, Hughie’s former boss in The Boys, and Hughie doesn’t take it well.

Of course, since this is a Garth Ennis story, we get a lot of exposition right up front, as Hughie sits in a bar with his friend Bobbi, going over the last 10 years. We get the slow build to Hughie getting the diary, which details Butcher’s loss of the innocence that his wife brought him. There was always an underlying sadness to Butcher’s story. He lost his wife, he lost the chance to have a normal life and it forced him down a dark path.

Butcher’s pain ended up bringing Hughie down with him. Experiencing that descent again, now that he’s managing a normal life with Annie, probably isn’t something he was expecting, and he definitely wasn’t prepared for it.

Thankfully, I am prepared for a new stories about The Boys. It’s definitely something we can toast.