Song of the Week: Shamir – “On My Own”

A festival-ready banger.

Ever since he arrived on the scene in 2015, Shamir’s sound has grown and changed through electropop, R&B, lo-fi production and creative indie-rock, with a common thread of undeniable grooves. In interviews, the artist has said that his new album will be the “most commercial-sounding” since his debut and you can hear that all over the fantastic, soon-to-be festival favorite, “On My Own.”

This is one of those songs where every aspect works to create a sound that draws you in and gets bodies moving. From its big percussion to the vibrant, 90s alt-rock style guitar picking, the music is endlessly listenable. But Shamir’s vocals complete the package wonderfully, floating above with singalong melodies. When he plays this live, half the room will be singing along, and the other half will be too busy dancing. Plus, with its subject of being alone after a breakup, it works as a quarantine-ready tune for a summer spent indoors.

“On My Own” is out now.