Song of the Week: Run The Jewels – “walking in the snow”

A stark look at police brutality and the system that perpetuates it.

Run The Jewels have been speaking out about the systemic racism and inequality that permeates our society for their entire career. With their fourth album dropping during nationwide protests against police violence, it feels like the world is finally starting to catch up to Killer Mike and El-P – demanding change and accountability not someday, not tomorrow, but now.

With storm, heavy production that sounds like fury and revolution, “walking in the snow” takes aim at the hypocrisy and apathy of those who want to preserve the status quo. “And you so numb you watch the cops choke out a man like me/And ’til my voice goes from a shriek to whisper, “I can’t breathe”/And you sit there in the house on couch and watch it on TV/The most you give’s a Twitter rant and call it a tragedy,” Killer Mike raps out in one of the most powerful verses released in years. He also focuses his ire on those who claim to uphold Christian values while ignoring or supporting the oppression around them and forgetting that “in the story of Jesus, the hero was killed by the state.” The song is a no-holds-barred slap to the face to the masses, a wake-up call that asks you to speak up not just with a social media post, but with action.

Run The Jewels 4 is out now.