Something Else I’ll Never Own: SNES Classic

When Nintendo announced plans for its NES Classic system last year, everyone was overjoyed. And then they realized how few units Nintendo actually shipped of the system. Today, they announced the follow-up – the SNES Classic, collecting 21 Super Nintendo games – and the immediate reaction was, “Oh cool, something else I won’t be able to find!”

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Quick Hits @ E3 2017: Nintendo

Nintendo is working to catch up to its competitors, and it used a brilliant E3 showcase to announce to the world that it was ready to fight. The Casual Geekery has you covered with a review of their presentation!

In celebrating the video game industry’s biggest showcase, the Casual Geekery has a special series of reviews for all three consoles’ E3 presentations, highlighting the hits and misses of 2017. Earlier, we took a look at Bethesda Studios’ and PlayStation’s presentations; now, it’s time to take a look at Nintendo, one of the titans of the industry. Between Xbox’s new console and PlayStation’s new titles, Nintendo had its work cut out for it to try and capture the excitement of gamers and compete with its challengers.  Continue reading “Quick Hits @ E3 2017: Nintendo”

The Colloquium, Episode IV: Playing With Power

Video games are a major part of pop culture, but they almost ceased to exist. Read how a small Japanese game company struck gold with a video game character that launched the modern gaming industry.

Tomorrow, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, E3 opens in Los Angeles. For video game enthusiasts, E3 is one of the most important events of the year: the major consoles and game developers descend on the convention, holding special sessions where new IPs and software are unveiled to consumers.

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Dearth of the Wild: Four Alternatives to Nintendo’s Elusive Zelda Game

It’s been a little over a week since the release of the Nintendo Switch and its killer app, The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild. While the Switch hardware has been getting mixed reviews, Breath of the Wild is being universally praised as an innovation for the series.

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Launch Party: Nintendo Through The Years

The Nintendo Switch is finally here. If you were one of the lucky ones who were able to get your hands on the new console, you’re probably off playing the new Legend of Zelda game. How does this group of launch titles stack up to previous Nintendo generations?

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Those Ads Are Super

The Super Bowl may be the culmination of the football season, but it’s also a kick-off for the waiting game – what we see here will prepare us for the months to come. We definitely have some things to look forward to after this big game.

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How Nintendo Can get me to Switch


Ever since last fall’s announcement trailer, people (like myself) have had multiple questions about the Nintendo Switch. What was the price? What kind of games would we see? What were the specs? When could we get our hands on it? What kind of online service will it have? What about backwards compatibility?

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