Mr. Terrific

Subway Shorts – The Terrifics 1

A new team of established DC Comics characters comes together, as The Terrifics debuts in the publisher’s NEW AGE OF HEROES line coming out of Dark Nights: Metal. And you know what? It’s pretty terrific.

Arrow S6x12 – All For Nothing

A whole lot of story comes to a head this week, with Vigilante, Team Arrow and the deserters coming together to take down Cayden James. But things don’t go according to plan and the hacktavist…

ARROW S6x11 – We Fall

A brilliant episode of ARROW has the members of both teams working to save Star City from attacks coordinated by Cayden James. And Oliver gets some lessons on being a dad to William.

ARROW S6x10 – Divided

Oliver, Felicity and Diggle must contend with Cayden James’ continued assaults while Dinah, Curtis and Rene decide to go of on their own after feeling betrayed by Oliver. And with James moving to increase his…

Arrow S6x02 – TRIBUTE

Oliver Queen has to deal with both the familiar – being outed as the Green Arrow while old friends become new enemies – and and the unfamiliar – being a father to a kid who…