New Release Tuesday – October 3

Tuesdays bring the release of new books and movies to keep us all occupied. Let’s take a look at the highlights of what’s now available for our consumer entertainment!

New Digital Releases

The Lost City of Cecil B. Demille – The story of a more than 30 year quest to unearth the remains of one of De Mille’s most monumental undertakings: the Egyptian city constructed for his first spectacle, 1923’s “The Ten Commandments.”

New on Blu-Ray/DVD

Cult of Chucky – Confined to an asylum for the criminally insane for the past four years, Nica is wrongly convinced that she, not Chucky, murdered her entire family. But when her psychiatrist introduces a new group therapy tool — a “Good Guy” doll — a string of grisly deaths plague the asylum and Nica starts to wonder if maybe she isn’t crazy after all.

A Ghost Story –  Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara star as a young couple who — after being separated by loss — discover an eternal connection and a love that is infinite.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales – Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) returns for another adventure on the high seas in the fifth installment of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

New Books

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Encyclopedia by Nancy Holder and Lisa Clancy – A comprehensive, authorized compendium of all things Buffy the Vampire Slayer, published in celebration of the revered show’s twentieth anniversary.

The Chicago Cubs: Story of a Curse by Rich Cohen – The story of the team, its players and crazy days.

From A Certain Point Of View (Star Wars) – An anthology where more than forty contributors lend their vision to this retelling of Star Wars. Each of the forty short stories reimagines a moment from the original film, but through the eyes of a supporting character.

Slobberknocker: My Life in Wrestling by Jim Ross, Paul O’Brien and Scott E. Williams – The story of how an Oklahoman farm kid, with a vivid imagination and seemingly unattainable dreams, became “The Voice of Wrestling.”

We Were Eight Years in Power: An American Tragedy by Ta-Nehisi Coates – An exploration of the unprecedented election of a black president followed by a vicious backlash that fueled the election of the man Coates argues is America’s “first white president.”

William Shakespeare’s The Force Doth Awaken: Star Wars Part the Seventh by Ian Doescher – Experience The Force Awakens as a Shakespeare play, complete with Elizabethan verse, Shakespearian monologues, and theatrical stage directions. 

New Graphic Novels/Collections

Batman ’66 Meets Wonder Woman ’77 by Jeff Parker and Marc Andreyko –  An all-new adventure that effortlessly captures the thrills, chills and nonstop fun of two legendary TV series.

New Video Games

Forza Motorsport 7 (X-Box One, Windows) – The latest installment of the racing game will feature more than 700 cars and 200 different configurations across 32 locations at launch.

1,276 thoughts on “New Release Tuesday – October 3”

      1. I started reading Between the World and Me on my wife’s recommendation and quickly found I was unable to relate to what he was saying. I also wasn’t a fan of the stream of consciousness writing without a chapter break.

        1. He’s the inverse of Fox News or conservatives of that ilk. I call it being intellectually dishonest. Putting that aside his writing style is indeed terrible

  1. Listening to Tom Petty on Spotify this morning.

    They were playing Petty songs on the classic rock radio station here in town. It reminded me that my mom and I would listen to Petty in the car back in the early 90s. Made me tear up a bit. Music is amazing like that.

  2. Nancy Holder has done so many Buffy books, short of one of the show writers doing it, she’s a perfect choice to do the encyclopedia.

  3. My favorite JR moment was from an episode of Livewire. Some kid calls in and he’s doing the whole “love everything you do” bit. JR just cuts the kid off and says get to your question. It was during his heel phase so I’m not sure if he was in character or that’s just how he is. It was funny regardless.

  4. I’d like to buy JR’s book but so many of these wrestling biographies are just self-serving bullshit and he isn’t above that. I guess I’ll wait for a review first.

  5. Wish there was a Forza -type game for the Play Station, Gran Turismo was that before, but now it is a straight up racing simulator with just race cars

      1. Nah i want to drive real cars, and lots of them, but not ultra realistically. Gran Turismo 6 was straight up awesome, but this new one is not looking promising

  6. I have a $100 Lowes Gift Card burning a hole in my pocket and they have the Christmas decorations put out already.

    1. Man it’s not even Halloween..control yourself. Although i did go into Sears the other day just to get a blade for my reciprocating saw and ended up with that and a 100 dollars more of stuff.

        1. Oh Louise was with me and encouraged me to buy all that stuff, it didn’t make any sense, i just assume she probably bought more clothes earlier in the week

  7. “First White President”.

    What a scorching hot take. I bet he patted himself on the back after thinking that one up.

    1. I’m doing five miles a day on my bike trying to work off my dad gut…two weeks in and it’s still depressing

    1. I’ll always remember than when we went to Six Flags St Louis growing up that song was always playing at the old-time car thing and the log flume

    1. Through ecstasy, crystal meth, and glue
      I’ve found do drug compares to you
      All these pills, all this weed
      I don’t know what I neeeeeeeeeed

      Thank you, sir

      1. I’m sure. That’s okay. I just wanted a proper Geekery tribute to him, and we got exactly what I thought we would. 🙂

  8. Yeah how can we expect to do these Continuous Improvement projects done on time when we also have a billion other things going on?

  9. Allergies are in overdrive this morning as a cold front moved into the area. I can feel my head getting congested in real time. This… this may be an impediment in hitting the gym later

  10. We’re suppose to have a little shindig at work tomorrow for manufacturing week at work. I’ll save some cup cakes for you guys

  11. GoT S5 Watch: I kinda feel like every time GoT shows the dragons I’m supposed to be like oh man I can’t wait until the dragons are loose but instead I’m just like oh right yeah the stupid dragons forgot about them

    1. Never really cared for any of Dany’s shit, book or show. “Hey, remember that crazy family that’s crazy and kills? Wouldn’t it be great if they were back in power?”

    1. I hate these one game playoffs, it was better with one wild card team..but it does give you a reason to win your division. So that’s fine. Rooting for Washington and Cleveland

          1. Oh my god oh my god oh my god you have to watch the new episode of Chippah. He’s in LA with a bunch of women that don’t understand it’s a bit and it’s the cringiest most uncomfortable thing you’ve eeeeeever seen

          2. I saw the description on the audio podast app and I saw no Ant or anyone so I didn’t jump on it. Will watch after this ep of GoT

          3. Even Jim said “It was the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever done as Chip. Halfway through even I wanted to bail because I was uncomfortable.”

            Oh it’s dreadfully amazing

          4. I was listening to a bunch of recent history this past weekend. Some of the first Opie and Jim show, the Jim/Opie fight from December 2015, the second blow up in July 2016, and some of the chat from Jim and Sam after Opie got fired. And a show Cumia did in September 2016 bashing Opie just a few days before he rang Opie’s show and they made up a bit

          5. Oh! I watched AA yesterday (after Las Vegas) and just to give you a taste of how different Anthony is with a partner: He didn’t defend guns or the NRA or ANYTHING in the wake of all that. He just made a few jokes and moved on it was amaaaaaazing

          6. I kinda hope the show does evolve a bit from just Best Friends Having A Great Time just because the drama can be entertaining. But it’s probably never gonna happen because it’s Ants gig and he can do what he wants and thus it should be comfortable and conflct free

          7. Sooner or later Art will start fucking up and it’ll be fun but I’m really enjoying the two of them just having a good time right now. Ant’s back to form that’s all I wanted.

          8. Have you seen that clip of Artie and DiPaulo falling out on air? It’s so funny. Nick is so pissed and Artie’s just mocking him with his football picks

          9. I haven’t, I need to check that out. Apparently Nick hated that he’d always start goofing during their commercial spots. Meanwhile on AA they literally call it “The Artie Smoke Break Sponsored by Deep Discount” lol

          10. Just going back to the old Cumia show, did you subscribe just when Artie joined or did you see the last few solo shows? Were they any different to the earlier stuff?

          11. I’ve subscribed off an on over the years (like any time I heard that he was shitting on Ope) and it’s completely different. The old show was Ant alone raging about politics and liberals and guns and race and blah blah blah and now it’s like the very best years of O&A with him just doing voices and bits and having FUN. I couldn’t fucking believe he didn’t rail after Vegas.

          12. well, maybe he got it all out of his system. I could never really stand that McGinnes. Hopefully the whole channel develops. Do you listen/watch anything else on there?

          13. I don’t. McGinniss is gone now I guess. The other shows are all people I don’t really know talking about stuff I don’t really agree with and, more important than not agreeing, I don’t really find funny.

          14. Nothing else catches my eye tbh. There’s that one show that appears to be Black Guy Who Agrees With Racists About Black People show that I have a morbid curiosity to listen to once but probably never will

          15. Between Ant and the Alex Jones shows I watch I feel like I get enough of the insane other side of the argument, I don’t need to seek out any more

  12. My cast for I.T., a remake of Office Space:

    Zac Efron as Peter
    Kristen Wiig as Joanna
    Michael B. Jordan as Michael Bolton
    Aziz Ansari as Samir
    Bobby Moynihan as Milton
    Ricky Gervais as Lumbergh
    Bill Burr as Lawrence
    Jim Gaffigan and Will Ferrell as The Bobs
    Kevin Hart as Magazine Salesman
    Melissa McCarthy as Nina

  13. Apparently Coca-Cola has purchased Topo Chico mineral water, and the people in my office are mourning harder than they were over the Vegas shooting

      1. It will not. Topo Chico is “mineral water” (carbonated water) so Coke is probably using it to expand to that market since it’s so hot with Millennials right now

    1. Boy was up for an hour then went back to bed with mom as we all puke our brains out lol

      I like a sick kid when I’m well, all cuddly and needy and what not. But when I’m sick too it’s just like oh god get away from me

  14. So now what will happen since they’ve started out late is this:
    – Won’t get anything done
    – Will take a nap too late (like 2 or 3)
    – Will nap too long
    – Will then stay up too late at night because they napped too late and too long.
    – Then Pearl will wonder why TI won’t fall asleep for 2 hours and it’s 11pm.

  15. Tom Petty was also the author of one of the most underrated Christmas songs ever. “Christmas All Over Again” is a great Christmas song.

      1. Tom Petty was a frequent guest star on It’s Garry Shandlings Show, including a christmas episode in which he wore a christmas jumper

        1. It’s not way better than that I understand you’re in mourning but let’s pump the fucking brakes nothing is better than Wonderful Christmastime

      1. Yeah I’ll be letting Ferrari know we need to put together a TOS that includes no racism or just really fucking dumb statements in general

  16. I like playing Wonderful Christmastime as often as possible in front of Pearl. Really puts her in the mood. To kill me.

        1. Well i mean he did us to grab women by the &%$#*. And he’s married models and i haven’t, maybe he’s on to something

          1. Mein Kampf may have stunk but at least it didn’t get stuck in your head the way Wonderful Christmastime does

  17. Watching the SNL cold open. I heard Baldwin do an interview on Stern on my trip and he was explaining the real key to that impression is that Trump always tries to find a better word and never ever can, “It was the most amazing piece of cake, you wouldn’t believe it, it was just…………..amazing.”

      1. He was talking about how he has a unique position to take on Trump because all of his dirty laundry has already been gone over in the press over and over and over and over for decades now.

      1. That sounds horrid. Can you bring your phone with you and contact a hooker to meet you upstairs when the seminar is over?

  18. I don’t know what made me think about this, but Jodie Sweetin being a meth head at one point is still a weird factoid.

          1. Oh I don’t know I just meant more like the stigma of it. I don’t think she went into meth knowing what we know now.

          1. Exactly. If it was like cocaine, okay, makes sense. But Meth is like….dirty Larry down the street by the dumpsters does meth.

  19. King Tommen is a pretty useless king. Joffrey may have been a prick but hey at least he got things done.

    (to the tune of George W Bush wasn’t that bad after all)

    1. That’s sort of the idea, he’s a goof that was never ready. Let it play out and see where it goes. Tommen’s arc is one of my favorites on the show.

      1. He’s also the backup king. Most backups are usually never ready.
        Also who would have guessed that his brother and father would have died within like 2 years apart?

  20. There’s lots of old wrestlers where I have no clue if they are still alive.
    Examples: bill watts; lord Alfred Hayes; junkyard dog; dory funk; jerry briscoe

  21. The saddest part of the Baywatch movie is at the end when Pam shows up for four seconds and they do every trick imaginable to make her look like she’s still hot including blurry cam and covering her entire face with her hair lol

      1. We had really bizarre standards for hot in the 90s. I mean I like boobuhs but holy shit looking back it’s like all these poor women were forced to get basketballs stapled to their chests

          1. Then there was some Irish Republic Army bomber movie with the same name, so scrolling through for years I’d stop hopeful only to see shit being blown up instead

  22. Parks & Rec sweet spot is Season 3, 4 and 5. That is prime Parks, and probably my favorite 3 seasons for a TV show ever.

  23. I was always bugged by parks and rec saying they were like the 3rd fattest city in America, yet almost all of the citizens seemed to be of a healthy weight.

        1. Good thing about mailing lasagna is you don’t need to put it in an envelope or a parcel because the outer cheese layer counts as packaging

    1. Strangely enough, leftover lasagna is better than lasagna fresh out of the oven. I feel like the extra time to bind all the layers together helps.

  24. Something tells me none of this would have happened if I’d been the Bayless.

    Granted, it probably would have gone far, far worse.

  25. Although the British guy hating Paul McCartney is more irony than is recommended for my daily intake.

          1. Yeah how’s your empire going! You guys can’t even control *turns, grabs globe to check, slips, globe flies out window* ah nuts

          1. I pop in from time to time because I miss some of those guys but then I rapidly realize I don’t have anything to say. I’m so checked out now from wrestling I couldn’t even tell you who the champ is.

          2. I legitimately don’t know who Jinder Mahal is or what he looks like. I saw the name a lot when they were really excited about it (then got really angry about it lol)

          3. He was the lowliest comedy jobber ever two years ago and now he’s WWE champion. It’s embarrasing for everyone.

  26. Worst part of It was the fat chick in the row in front of me screaming “OH FUCK” and “OH SHIT” and “OH MY JESUS” every 3 minutes. It wasn’t even a jump scare movie!

  27. Well anyway, I’ll wait until someone says something demonstrably stupid.

    I mean, besides what TatR says, clearly.

  28. Junior Mints are the motherfucking shit yet I only ever get them at movie theaters.

    Also Combos are really good yet I only ever get them on road trips.

    I am a man of many rules.

      1. I don’t know why Combos are a thing. Like hey I’d never eat them at home because they’re gross but I’m going to be sitting on my ass for 14 straight hours so I should definitely get a bag oh you guys have the big bag that’s even better

        1. Easy to eat. Has a pizza and/or cheese taste. Salty. They’re good when distracted from the fact that they’re nearly the worst thing to eat on the planet.

          1. I don’t care for Pringles. If I’m going to shit on my body by destroying it with potato chips, I want them to be as salty and greasy as possible. Pringles tastes like your mom’s chips that she thinks works as diet food.

          2. I don’t like overly salty chips. Plus, I usually get the cheese or BBQ anyway.

          3. When I got home my wife told me I looked like I was made of goo lol, I was like “I’ve been in a car for 20 days stop judging me!”

  29. Oh FFS, the Cardinals fire the pitching and bullpen coaches……..the idiot not putting the pitchers in the right matchups is the problem, not those two…Fuck they are going to screw everything up forever trying to make this jackass a decent manager.


    ” The severed head of eccentric philosopher Jeremy Bentham is to go on display for the first time in decades and scientists are using the opportunity to test his DNA to find out if he was autistic.

    Social reformer Bentham, who died in 1832 insisted that his body be preserved after his death as an ‘auto-icon’ so that he could be wheeled out at parties if his friends were missing him.”

          1. Maybe I should try that because string cheese isn’t cutting it. And now he’ll tell me flat out “Hey I poopy” and its like…dude if you can fucking TELL me that you’re old enough to go on the toilet you little jerk off

          2. Soon, he’ll just point to the diaper and give you a look like “uh, you want to take care of this, pal? I got things to do over here”.

  31. CinemaSins did Blade Runner today. I’d watch it but I’ve never made it through the movie itself so I won’t get any of the jokes.

      1. I have a hard time getting into scifi which is weird because I’m all about comics and really we’re talking the same basic stuff here but for some reason I just don’t get into them.

          1. I think it comes from my dad who was hyper obsessed with the space program and kind of passed that on to me. I’d way rather watch a doc on an actual space event than watch Star Wars. To me Apollo 13 is the greatest space movie ever because they had to leave out stuff that really did happen because it was too unbelievable lol

          2. I watched Star Wars because it was the 1980s and we were basically required by law to watch them, but they never really appealed that much to me. I wasn’t into TOS because it was too campy, but I learned to appreciate it later and I did enjoy the movies. I thought Next Gen was boring and stuffy, but I had a friend who was into it and I watched for her sake and it did get a lot better towards the end. DS9 was great, Voyager was a disappointment and Enterprise was shit. I was into Babylon 5 for a while but it’s nothing I ever need to see again, and I was only an occasional viewer of the Stargate stuff.

    1. That one bar was one of the best places I’ve ever fucking been in my life, hey it’s happy hour like all the goddamn time and the drinks were super cheap already but here go ahead and have double.

          1. When I find places like that I do the same thing. You should have kept a chip for next time in NY. Lol

  32. Everyone is sick. My wife is raging so I’ve spent most of the morning in the garage. I went to get coffees and donuts and 7-Up and stuff and it was all wrong of course. I’m just going to be out here all day with my light cigarettes and growing pile of snotty tissues.

      1. It’s been a back and forth all morning about who is more sick and who should be taking care of who and…I just came out here I’m super over it lol

          1. I’m like woke, or lit, or something. I don’t know what any of that means, so just go with it.

          2. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, I’m just used to seeing dudes proudly slap their gut like Tracy Morgan before scarfing down another Whopper.

  33. I’m not sure how much more obvious that I find this kid annoying and don’t want to talk to him. Like, how much attention do you need guy?

  34. We’ve reached the conspiracy stage of this Las Vegas shooting. “Okay, I saw a video where someone was shooting out of the 12th floor window.” “How come there were two windows out on the 32nd floor? Hmmmmm…”

    1. I was watching today and all the news stations were taking about hotel safety and what are we going to do now that hotels are dangerous. I guess I’m dumb because none of this made me frightened of a hotel it made me frightened of machine guns.

      1. I hate guns. Don’t want them around me and hate to touch them but I’ve never been strongly anti-gun. Yet, I can’t understand the need for owning 38 machine guns.

        1. I like guns and have a couple, they’re fun but if the government banned them and took them away I’d react the same way when they told me I couldn’t smoke in restaurants anymore: “Well boo that sucks. Here’s my gun I guess.”

          1. I don’t know why but I’m absolutely terrified of them. One of my friends is one of those people that thinks the government is going to get him. He made me hold one of his guns once and I kept thinking I’m going to blow my brains out somehow

          2. I grew up in the hood and all that, but I guess because my dad didn’t fool with them then I didn’t either

      2. I am not a gun owner, though I have shot guns before and had a fun time of it. I am not opposed to guns in the least; what I don’t understand is why some dude needs a fully-automatic machine gun. I am also in favour of backgrounds checks and mental health checks before you can own a gun. “Oh, I see you’ve got paranoid schizophrenia and are depressed. No, you don’t get this gun” WHY IS THIS A PROBLEM

      3. I am not a gun owner, though I have shot guns before and had a fun time of it. I am not opposed to guns in the least; what I don’t understand is why some dude needs a fully-automatic machine gun. I am also in favour of backgrounds checks and mental health checks before you can own a gun. “Oh, I see you’ve got paranoid schizophrenia and are depressed. No, you don’t get this gun” WHY IS THIS A PROBLEM

  35. I, just like Marv, can’t seem to do anything right lately when it comes to my wife. She just seems to be in a perpetually shitty mood.

          1. There are some benefits to putting up with it. I’m hoping by the time my son is 20 we’ve really figured out the sex robot thing and he can skip all this.

          2. Yeah, I occasionally get lonely but then I think about the trade-off and look at the failing relationships around me and then decide “nah, I’m good”.

  36. It’s funny, I was born and raised in the inner city and never even saw a gun. Then I moved to the suburbs and my uncle basically has an arsenal.

    1. My Father-in-Law is the only one I know with an arsenal. He probably has as many, if not more guns than the Vegas guy.

      1. I use ‘arsenal’ loosely, but he did have several handguns and hunting rifles. No semi-automatic or anything like that.

  37. My wife says that I only do things once she yells at me to do it. That’s not true, it’s usually when I pay attention to her asking me to do something.

    1. See, that’s the stuff I don’t have the energy for. My life is too short to spend half of it trying to interpret someone else’s moods and bullshit. Just tell me what you want and be done with it.

      1. They’ll tell you what they want, eventually. It’s all about how much attention you’re willing to pay in the interim. If it’s none then you won’t really be bothered by being married lol

        1. I just don’t have time for puzzles. I say what I mean and expect others to do the same. If you say “that’s fine” when you really meant “I have a problem with that”, well, why the fuck didn’t you just say that instead of being pissed at me later?

      1. Despite this guy being white and boring he was an ANTIFA Isamist and he was forced to do it by the globalists and his last act of kindness was sending all his money to the Phillipines to help them…

        I have no idea how any of this makes sense it is super fucking hard to get a clear idea of what the fuck this man is trying to say. Ignoring all his craziness he frankly is just not a very good communicator or broadcaster.

        1. Man, they sure do love saying ANTIFA.

          Up until two months ago, I don’t think anyone mentioned them, or even knew who they were.

          1. Yeah that’s the go to. The chat is FULL of people repeatedly shouting “ANYONE REMEMBER OSWALD? THIS SOUND FAMILIAR?”

            I mean…no? No it doesn’t really at all? lol *shruggy face*

  38. And then the people in the chat arguing with them are just as clever as that Rick Ross waterhead and saying shit like “BAN ALL THE WHITEYS!” hahaha

    We’re fucking doomed.

  39. JewStain69 says OBAMA leads ANTIFA.

    So that’s interesting.

    Also one of these jabber jaws is named Art Vandelay and that makes me laugh.

  40. Being a conspiracy guy looks fun honestly you get to just yell crazy words that have lots of syllables and are fun to say. Just try it. Yell out ZIONIST FASCIST MULTICULTURALIST and see if it doesn’t make you giggle.

      1. Basically they know the taxes will eventually be repealed or whatever, but all the bad publicity will make people think twice about soda and sales will go down.

  41. I have no idea how these people hold conversations on the YT channel it’s just people screeching every .003 seconds and it flies past and it’s all caps lock and I just don’t know how anyone tracks any of this.

  42. “Feminists should be protesting Islam but if they did they’d have to admit things aren’t so bad at home.”

    Hahahahaha, holy fuck ok well Alex isn’t all bad I suppose

      1. That is the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard and I can’t quit laughing it’s been five minutes and I’m not even watching the channel anymore

  43. I love when somebody says ‘I’m not mad, its just funny to me when…..’ You know that bitch mad as hell.

    1. Whenever someone says “it’s funny when” you know it’s about to be something they don’t think is funny at all

  44. So … the Fascist are aligned with the Mole Men.. now we have had documented proof of this since 1972. This is why Nixon was kicked out of office… you don’t think it was because of a simple break in do you? It’s because he was going to blow the Fraternal Order of the mole men Wide Open!

  45. Now the Antifa…. they have been controlled by the Lizard people since the 80s. These people knew hey were going to be wiped off the face of the earth by Reagan so they sold their souls to the Lizards! Why do you think Michelle Obama has this arms?? it’s all the Lizard mother milk protein she drinks

    1. We just got one recently with a little tacked-on reminder at the end to not have inappropriate relationships with students.

      Thanks for the reminder, boss. Almost forgot.

  46. Old Man: Do you know what the B on your hat stands for?

    Dwayne: Brooklyn Dodgers

    Old Man: No that wasn’t their first name. They were the Brooklyn Robins

    Dwayne: Oh, I didn’t know that. I was born in 1980 not 1880

    1. They were named after Wilbert Robinson, their manager during that time. They were actually the Dodgers before they were the Robins though.

  47. Well that phone interview sucked. Not because of anything I did but they are mad I don’t do SEO and Google Adwords at my current job.

    1. Interviews are weird. Most of the time what they really want is something not on the job description or anything. Then they surprise you by asking “what do you know about X?” “X? I’ve never seen X, but I’m sure I could figure it out.” “How do you not know X???”

      1. Yep. They asked what I do in my current role and explained my old company wanted to increase their digital footprint but were too cheap so they relied on Facebook. Not my fault if they aren’t willing to give me a day or two to relearn.

        1. That’s not even in your power. I was getting a lot of that until I learned the Google cloud stuff. Now I’m getting a lot more of people asking me how to do stuff.

        1. Check it out, i’m just reading the junkets on Screen Rant but it’s forty short stories from characters around the time of A New hope like the Red Droid, Mon Mothra, Yoda, etc

          1. Oh nice. I haven’t kept up with Star Wars books recently. Tried to read that Aftermath book but it was badly written.

  48. Just wanted to stop in and say hi. I’ve been gone because i’ve been swamped with freelance work and getting my Amazon cloud certifications. I’ve been trying to avoid procrastinating.

    I’ll be back here in full in a few weeks, I’m sure.

        1. My dad always told me not to tell someone a job was done until it was really finished so I guess we gotta wait for the announcement

      1. That’s the best of the series in my opinion. Like, the whole series builds to it and it pays off *everything*. The books after it are great, but that book…omg.

        How are you enjoying the series so far?

          1. Oh definitelty. I re-read the first two books recently and they were better than I remembered. Not great, but very good. From book 3 on, though, it hits a new level of awesome.

            I *really* enjoyed the Snowman because it hit all my sweet spots. I don’t want to say more because I’m afraid of spoiling stuff.

    1. I’ve actually come up with a lot of material for a female audience during my two years as part of this community and am looking forward to finally getting to use it

  49. I don’t mind meetings. I actually enjoy them.

    But when I have real work to do, meetings flooding my calendar are really a waste of a time.

    1. PREACH.

      During the work week before school starts, I can hardly even open up a box to take my pens out before I have to go to some god-forsaken meeting. They had two open morning to actually lesson plan and get stuff done in your classroom but they actually just forgot to put the meetings that were set for those times on the schedule.